Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Summertime Fun VI -- Our Trip to the Ft. Worth Zoo

In early September, we took a family outing down to the Ft. Worth Zoo. It was Lucas' first time, and we knew Anthony would LOVE seeing the animals--he is definitely old enough to appreciate it now. We didn't take as many pictures as we would've liked to...somehow a busy toddler who wanted to be in and out of his stroller and a baby who was overheating or bored (or both!) kept Mario and I with our hands full...imagine that!

our arrival at the zoo. i think anthony was shouting "potty"! at this point we were still on attempt #2 at potty training, and we told him he had to yell "potty" when he needed to go.

anthony and daddy check out the zebras

close up--beautiful!

i think the giraffes were anthony's favorite

watching the fish...they are mesmerizing. he probably could have done this for hours!
maybe i should get one of these for my house?!?

lucas enjoyed the shade...it turned out really hot when we went, so we had to keep finding areas for him to cool down.

the sharks--he didn't look see-through in real life!

sweet baby boy--he was a trooper...it was a long day

our turn to pose on the golden kangaroo

okay, you totally cannot tell what's going on from the picture, but this little penguin kept swimming right up by the glass and showing off--i think he enjoyed all the attention he was getting!

stopping for a lunch break before we head home for naps

anthony did NOT want his picture taken at this point...we were on the brink of "the point of no return"--you mommies understand what i'm talking about! just look at those tired eyes!

We had a ball! Anthony is STILL talking about it, so I think it was a hit!


Nonna Mammina said...

Hey Mel,Loved these pictures at the zoo. I recognized that necklace you're wearing, looks great!! Definitely brought a smile to my face. Miss and love you all, love Ma