Monday, June 25, 2012

This & That and Some Killer Dance Moves

cutie pie

still loving the digger and dump truck...
who knew rocks could be so much fun?!?

still loving climbing and keeping up with big brother

happy mother's day to me!
i adore these precious boys!!!

99% of the time, this is what's going on in the back seat wherever we go these days

we grabbed a bite to eat at which wich, and anthony decided to provide the entertainment for the entire patio

the "cowboy" cracked me up!
i guess we are in texas!!!

i love his unbridled passion for music and movement!

Thursday, June 14, 2012

Silly Boys, Yardwork, and Friends

Lucas is a goofball in Mommy's running shoes

Normally Anthony would be content to stay in his pjs all day.  But THIS morning he surprised me by getting dressed all by himself.  And he told me, "Mama, i MATCHED my clothes."
He did a pretty good job!!!
(and let me just tell you--he LOVES these blue plaid shorts!  he'd wear them every day if he could!)

My sweet little Lucas has been content to follow his Daddy and Anthony around the yard while they are pushing their lawnmowers, and all the while he has had nothing to push.  So, we finally got him his own new lawnmower!  Notice how much more sleek the new model is!  :)

he is so, so proud

Lucas was kind enough to share his gas tank with Anthony so he could fill up his lawnmower.
And might I add that THIS sweet boy didn't complain over the fact that Lucas had a NEW one.

well, apparently i forgot to tell them that these are NOT riding lawnmowers!  ha!

Here he is in action--doing great staying with Daddy

all three putting in some hard work!
i love how patient their daddy is, too!
and oooh--did you notice our new fence?  it's not stained yet in these pics.

hanging out at friend Caleb's Cars themed birthday party
what a beautiful day!

the boys LOVED the Cars racetrack set up in the living room

these two spent the entire party either playing with the above racetrack or this raceway on the floor...
they were in Cars heaven!

here's the sweet birthday boy Caleb--3 years old!
(your mommy did an excellent job with your fun party--thanks for having us!)

and these handsome boys--
i was trying to get some current photos for our mother's day cards


oh, and they definitely know how to ham it up!
love how they keep me on my toes!

My Jesus Is Alive!!!

Happy Easter 2012 (only 2 months behind!!!)! We loved teaching the boys this year WHY we celebrate Easter....because MY JESUS IS ALIVE!  We've enjoyed watching the boys (but especially Anthony, since he understands a little more) come to realize that Jesus died for THEIR sins.  What a great God we believe in that not even the bonds of death can hold Him down!

Easter baskets waiting to be discovered
They were a combination of little happies from Meme, Nonna, and myself

Anthony first goes for the pinwheel flower that Nonna sent down! 
 It was such fun to "plant" the flowers in the garden later!

Lucas loves books and reading, so of course, he went for a book first.
No, they weren't all new books.  I had all the books with lights and sounds which had stopped working put away for awhile.  For Easter, I ordered the different batteries for all the books and popped them in, and since they hadn't seen them in months, they were like new books all over again!

Anthony literally jumped up and down when he realized he got a new Cars game cartridge for his MobiGo from Meme

It took Lucas FOREVER to "find" his new MobiGo game set (also from Meme) in his Easter basket, but when he did, he couldn't believe he had one just like Anthony's!!!

and he's off to try it out! 
good thing we allowed some extra time this morning!

Anthony was just a little guy when the batteries from this train book first ran out--
he hadn't seen this book from Nonna in forever!

squishy light up toy from Nonna
if it's got lights, it's going to be a hit!

sweet boy checking out his Easter egg sticker book
love that smile

our little family

We couldn't make it one day without having Jesus Christ as the firm foundation of our home.
So glad he's alive and preparing a place for us with Him!
Happy Easter!!!

Friday, June 8, 2012

Pre Easter Celebrating

Here's a sneak peak into our pre-Easter fun...

dyeing our easter eggs

they got really into it this year

an easter egg hunt with our playgroup friends

on your mark, get set...

and they're off!
anthony and taylor look under the slide

lucas found some!

anthony checks out audrey's stash

"here's one, mama!"

while the girls were playing quietly (i'm sure of it), here's what the boys were up to when the egg hunt was all finished!

we took the boys to another fun egg hunt that a local church puts on--right around the corner

the boys love the bounce houses
way to go, anthony!!!

then there was a playground to play on

lucas wasn't quite sure--there were quite a few big kids playing there
but after awhile, he warmed up

anthony tries the slide
this is nothing compared with the big bounce house slide

finally it was time for the egg hunt

it was mass chaos, but the boys ended up with lots of eggs

heading home with some popcorn and all the "goodies"

aren't these boys sweet???

the night before Easter Sunday, i made "easter egg paint" for the bathtub

they loved it!  both were quite the artists

anthony smiles in front of his masterpiece

lucas thought it was so funny he got some on his nose!

anthony's "other" masterpiece!!!

big grins--
easter egg paint was a success!!!
(and i do believe i got the entire bathroom cleaned while they were preoccupied!!!  yay for mommy!)