Thursday, June 14, 2012

My Jesus Is Alive!!!

Happy Easter 2012 (only 2 months behind!!!)! We loved teaching the boys this year WHY we celebrate Easter....because MY JESUS IS ALIVE!  We've enjoyed watching the boys (but especially Anthony, since he understands a little more) come to realize that Jesus died for THEIR sins.  What a great God we believe in that not even the bonds of death can hold Him down!

Easter baskets waiting to be discovered
They were a combination of little happies from Meme, Nonna, and myself

Anthony first goes for the pinwheel flower that Nonna sent down! 
 It was such fun to "plant" the flowers in the garden later!

Lucas loves books and reading, so of course, he went for a book first.
No, they weren't all new books.  I had all the books with lights and sounds which had stopped working put away for awhile.  For Easter, I ordered the different batteries for all the books and popped them in, and since they hadn't seen them in months, they were like new books all over again!

Anthony literally jumped up and down when he realized he got a new Cars game cartridge for his MobiGo from Meme

It took Lucas FOREVER to "find" his new MobiGo game set (also from Meme) in his Easter basket, but when he did, he couldn't believe he had one just like Anthony's!!!

and he's off to try it out! 
good thing we allowed some extra time this morning!

Anthony was just a little guy when the batteries from this train book first ran out--
he hadn't seen this book from Nonna in forever!

squishy light up toy from Nonna
if it's got lights, it's going to be a hit!

sweet boy checking out his Easter egg sticker book
love that smile

our little family

We couldn't make it one day without having Jesus Christ as the firm foundation of our home.
So glad he's alive and preparing a place for us with Him!
Happy Easter!!!