Friday, August 22, 2014

February Happenings

A quick overview of our February in pictures...

still counting down our days until our Disney trip

these two still adore their beanie baby friends

lucas loves his new BIG monster truck from the payne family

lucas and his animal friends decide on their next move in Guess Who

hike time with daddy!!!

he's the best!

working on a craft at the LCA kindergarten valentine's party

mommy was in charge of bringing a snack

funny story:
So, Anthony has been working on digging this large hole for some time now in our back landscaping.  One day I asked him if he was digging a hole to China.  His response?  "No, I'm digging a hole all the way to hell.  This is my hell-hole."  Hahahahaha!!!!

sunny day bike and scooter ride

ready for action

can't get enough of their happy smiles

they sure do enjoy life

At the end of the month, we let Anthony pick a restaurant for his birthday dinner--
He chose Fuzzy's Taco Shop

snapping pics of silly faces to keep the boredom at bay while we wait for our food

have you ever seen two sweeter faces?

we headed to favorite dessert spot Ben & Jerry's for a yummy dessert afterwards

Then we let Anthony open a few of his gifts early, since we would be leaving for our Disney trip a couple days before his birthday.
He was so excited about this new bat from James, Reese, and Conner

USA puzzle from Nonno and Nonna

This handsome guy was all smiles as he watched the action

Anthony couldn't wait to get into this hangman game also from Nonno and Nonna.
It will be fun to take on our trip!!!

of course, the boys had to show daddy every gift!

whoa!  a huge monster truck from James, Reese, and Conner

they still love climbing up on the fort in the backyard

anthony tries out his new pencil sharpener from aunt mandy and uncle justin

can't believe it's so close!!!

my photography assistant

after school treat with our best school buds

ready or not, disney, here we come!!!

Next up, our spring break Disney vacation!!!

Tuesday, August 5, 2014

Legoland Birthday Party!

On January 19, we celebrated Lucas' birthday by taking a trip to Legoland!  He had been once before with some friends and had decided that's what he wanted to do for his birthday party this year.  So we got our cousins and a couple of grandparents into town and did just that!  :)

(get ready for picture overload...)

Sunday worked out to be the best day to go--but we headed to church first.
I love this pic of Meme and Papa with the grandkids!

Lucas adores his cousin James

this is how cousin Conner was most of the day--comfy, calm, cozy, and content

lookin' like a cool dude in front of the restaurant of his choice--Fuzzy's Taco Shop--
he's obsessed with the quesadillas!

these 4 are great buds--
conner will be able to keep up soon!

lots of energy around this table

lucas gets some snuggles from meme

we've arrived!!!

legos to entertain before we even step into the elevator

busy playing while waiting for our lego factory tour to begin

sweet cutie-pie reese

nobody wants to look at the camera these days  ;)

checking out all the gears, levers, and buttons during the tour

building on the "earthquake tables"

will their creations withstand the shaking?!?

anthony and daddy working hard to build a lego car

racing their lego cars down the ramps...
go james!

go lucas!

go reese!  :)

lots of climbing and sliding fun

sitting amidst the biggest pile of soft foam lego bricks we've ever seen!

lucas loved this lego giraffe

nice tower, lucas!

that's a creative guy, anthony!

good work, james!

three curious boys peeking through the gate at one of the attractions
(yes, they are wearing coordinating sweaters!)  ;)

daddy and anthony ready to pedal fast on merlin's apprentice ride

aunt mandy and james about to take off

after running around the play zone, these three shed their sweaters and cool off in the dallas miniland

waiting for the movie to begin in the 4D cinema

we were so happy that lucas was JUST tall enough to ride the forest rangers pursuit--
they actually let him squeak by--he's not 40 inches yet, but COME ON--
it's the kid's birthday!!!

anthony and james test their driving skills

back at meme and papas hotel, we ordered in some pizza and let the kiddos swim

and, of course, we had lego cake!

love how proud he is

make a wish, little man!

i think he's enjoying it!

a card with a year of memories (plus some cash) from nonno and nonna

a huge monster truck from the cousins

a new lego set from papa and meme

big brother anthony was all smiles all day

loving all the lego goody bag cuteness

in the morning lucas opens one final gift from aunt michelle...

...a new sticker book--
hours of entertainment!

All in all, it was SUCH a fun day!  Our Legoland birthday party was a succerss!  Thank you to ALL our family, near and far, who helped to make his birthday special!!!