Monday, August 31, 2009

Nakey Baby!

Okay, I know he's going to KILL me for this one later down the road, but I couldn't help myself!!! I let Anthony run around naked in the backyard while eating a watermelon popsicle! This kept him entertained long enough for me to water my flowers and herbs!!! He sure seemed to enjoy it--both the popsicle and the naked time!!!

Pregnancy Progress

15 weeks--one day shy of 16

20 weeks

My belly definitely "popped" between 18-20 weeks, but I don't have any in between pictures because that's when my camera was being serviced!!!

Family Photos

A few more pics of our time in Florida...(for some reason, I am missing the picture of the entire group...maybe my camera had died).
The 3 of us

Anthony and Baby James

Mommas with the boys

Anthony's attempt to climb on a shelf!

Anthony's First Time at the Beach

So, I know these are the beach pictures that everyone wants to see!!! :) Anthony LOVED his first time at the beach. He had to investigate the sand a little bit at first but quickly decided that he didn't mind it. He was not afraid of the water at all, and loved getting splashed in the face by the waves! At one point he just took off crawling down the beach, and he kept stopping to wave and say "bye-bye"! I have no idea how far he would've gotten had we not eventually stopped him! It was so much fun to see the newness of everything through his eyes!

checking out the sand

"what IS this stuff?"

"Don't worry 'bout me, Mom! I'm having fun!"

taking off towards the ocean

"Wow, Dad! This is great!"

"How come we've never done this before!?!"

"I pledge allegiance..."

getting buried

building sand castles

just chillin' in the shade

As you can see in the video, he has NO FEAR!!!

Sunday, August 30, 2009

The Beach House

Whenever we travel with the Bellican family (my side) for vacation, we usually end up renting a house since there are so many of us...there are eight adults and two children. It allows us to spend more quality time together, save money by cooking our own meals, and have a place for the kiddos to nap or rest.

This beach house in Watersound, Florida, is by far my favorite house we have stayed in. It was well-thought out in design, and much of the interior is Pottery Barn style. The inside is so open, and there are plenty of outdoor porches and seating areas. I had to post all my pictures so you can see it, but I wasn't able to get the bedrooms before we messed them all up! Maybe I can add some more pictures later (b/c I know my mom took some!). The bedrooms were just as lovely as the rest of the home!!!

front of the house (with mario's car parked out front like we own the place!)
the side home is the guest house

the golf cart was provided for our enjoyment--and to get to the beach and clubhouse

downstairs hallway from outside...love the light fixtures!

den/living area

tv/entertainment area

sitting area

dining room and kitchen

kitchen, dining room, and stairway

upstairs game room

outdoor dining area (screened in)

porch off master bedroom

outdoor grilling area

outdoor seating area (same as pic with grill, just from a different view)

Auntie Michelle's Wedding

Toward the end of July we headed over to Watersound, Florida for my sister Michelle and her long-time boyfriend Josh to get married. We've been calling him "Uncle Josh" ever since Anthony was born, but now it's official! Hooray!!! Here are some beautiful pictures of the beach wedding event. They pretty much had the entire beach to themselves...it was amazing! We're so happy for you two!!! We miss you and love you!


Or "boon" as Anthony calls them!!! We went on a lunch date to Chick Fil A, and Anthony picked this one out all by himself! He watched one of the workers putting out a display, and was just craning his neck to watch him! I guess the guy noticed that Anthony wanted one, so he came over to our table and let him have first dibs! Sorry the pictures are a little dark! Don't you just love how the little things in life make kids so happy?!? I need to be more like that! :)

Pregnancy Progress

13 weeks!
(on 7/5/09)

Happy Fourth of July!

Well, it's almost September, and here I am blogging about the Fourth of July...oh well! At least the pictures are just as good now as they were then! We decided to take Anthony to his first parade in downtown McKinney. This was actually the First Annual 4th of July Parade for McKinney. We went with some good friends, Kit and Gwen, who have two little boys, so we were in great company. It was about 100 degrees even this early in the morning! But Anthony didn't seem to mind...he enjoyed hanging out in his backpack on Daddy's back.

While on our way from our parking spot to the area of the parade, we walked down Anthony St. and had to take a picture!
Watching all the floats go by

Not sure what the person in the gold costume is supposed to be--the statue of liberty?

The Family

Okay, so you can tell from the movie that this very well might have been the lamest parade we've ever been to!!! Haha! But at least Anthony enjoyed waving his little flag! Maybe it will be better next year!

We're Back!!!

Yay! My camera is fixed, and I bought a card reader to upload my pics...(we were having a problem with the cable that came with my camera as well)! So, I'll spare you the details, but the bottom line is--we are back in business! Expect the floodgates to be opened with all the postings I need to catch up on! Here we go...beginning with the Fourth of July!!!

Friday, August 14, 2009


Hey everyone....

I know it's been awhile since I've posted. My camera basically just quit working. So, not only am I not taking pictures right now, I'm not uploading them either. It hasn't even been a year since I bought the camera, so it's still under warranty. I've sent it in to Kodak, and they have received it, so I should be hearing something soon. Hopefully they will repair it for free or send me a new one. So sorry about the lack of updates. I'll catch you all up as soon as I get to taking pictures again. Until then...please excuse me during this short (we hope!) intermission!