Sunday, February 22, 2009

Little Stinker

Kids say and do the darndest things! I've experienced this in my professional life many a time, but never in my personal life until now. This past Friday, Anthony pulled his very first ever "embarass Mommy" stunt! We were over at our friend Marilyn's home for brunch. The timing worked out perfectly where Anthony would just be napping while we were eating. Marilyn was even kind enough to let us use their pack n play. We put the playpen in their study; I gave Anthony his paci and his bunny and blanket and closed the door. He fussed for a few minutes, but quieted down after awhile. Before we sat down to eat I put my ear to the door to check on him. I heard him playing and talking in there, but since he wasn't crying I didn't go in--he would've started crying again if he had seen me. We had a wonderful and yummy breakfast--the best I've had in a long time (Marilyn, you're awesome!). Anthony was sleeping past the time he usually does, so I went in to check on him. This is what I discovered...

To my horror, there were all kinds of papers, receipts, envelopes, and other desk items all crumpled up in the playpen and scattered all over the floor!!! Anthony was sound asleep; however, his socks were pulled off and his pants were pulled off! Evidently in his busyness, he had discovered the (organized) paperwork on Marilyn's husband's (Eric) desk and decided it would be fun to play with. I'm not sure if this was before or after he pulled off half his clothes, but needless to say, I was completly shocked and felt sooooooo bad! I got Marilyn to come see and apologized profusely--she made me go get my camera to document the event. She is always so full of grace and forgiveness!!! What a sweet, sweet friend!
By the way, this was before he BROKE the beautiful glass vase and DESTROYED the plant in the entryway!!! (I think I'll crawl in a hole now!!!) Bad mommy alert!!! I guess I should've been watching him more closely! Marilyn, thank you again for your gracious spirit...We'll understand if you don't invite us over again for a long, LONG time!!!

Watching Curious George

Here's a video that MeMe will appreciate. We bought the Curious George movie that can be played in both English and Italian. Mario has started letting Anthony watch a little bit of it. He loves the opening song (because it is music for one), and secondly because it shows George playing with all the other baby animals. He loses interest pretty quickly after the music is over, but he is enthralled for about 5 mintues! We tried to capture his expression while he was watching it. Sorry again about the darkness. We did have some lights on, but my back was turned to them, and we didn't want to distract Anthony before we could catch this clip. I love how he's swaying to the music in the very beginning! In one part he yawns (I don't think he's bored, but it kinda looks like it), and toward the end he smiles at the screen before seeing me with the camera! Enjoy!!!


Just a couple of cute pics of Anthony roaming outside. We LOVE our fenced in backyard!!! On pretty days, I just leave the back door open and let him go in and out at will. I can cook or clean the kitchen and keep my eyes on him all at the same time...it's wonderful! He's pretty good about not putting things in his mouth. We've told him "no" enough times where he doesn't try to eat the fallen leaves. The only thing I have to watch out for are those acorns! They must look a little too much like finger foods!!!

Valentine's "Dough"

Anthony really enjoyed opening his Valentine's Day card from Grama and Grampa. We had to take the 5 bucks away before he ripped it in half!!! The card says the money is supposed to be for ice cream, but I think he is in greater need of some laundry detergent (we love our baby Method). If I confiscate it and use it on him, does that make me a bad mommy??? He'll never know the difference! ;)

Friday, February 20, 2009

Huckleberry Funn

I let Anthony try some fresh blackberries the other day! I never knew what a big purple mess those little berries can make!!! But he sure had fun eating them!

While Mom is Away...

...The Boys Will Play

Anthony LOVES being outside these days, and lately we've had some great weather for it! I was at work a couple of Saturdays ago, so Mario took Anthony and his radio flyer outside for some fun. Mario has tied a rope onto the flyer so he can just pull him along. Anthony stands in there and holds on for dear life--he loves it!!! And yes, that is still the Christmas bow attached to the handle bar--it still fascinates him, so why remove something that brings my baby joy? I love the middle picture what a sweet, all-boy expression! He's only got one sock on, but Daddy doesn't mind! That is Landon's pullover he's wearing! Thanks, "Big Michelle"!!!


We call this Anthony's "taradactyl" impression. I guess it just hits him at times, and he feels the urge to shriek. The urge seems to strike most often in the grocery store--one in particular--Sprouts...not too sure what it is about that place. I think it's the funniest thing! I love it! But I do find that it gets us a LOT of attention when we are out and about...and a few funny looks. I can't complain...I'd much rather have him shrieking with a smile on his face than in the midst of a meltdown with tears! Here the urge just struck while he was sitting in his highchair...Behold the Taradactyl!!!

P.S. Thanks, Uncle Ben, for the cool shirt!!!

Thursday, February 19, 2009

The Best Sound in the World!

Finally!!! Here is the long awaited video! I started playing this game with Anthony with our blocks and the shape sorter earlier on this day, and he gave me some of the best belly laughs I've ever heard!!! But I didn't have my video camera handy! Stink!!! So, when I told Mario about it later, he tried to re-enact it while I videoed. Anthony laughs pretty darn good in this movie although I must say, it's still not quite as good as the first time! Enjoy!!!

Splish Splash!

Anthony LOVES his baths! He learned to splash awhile back, but over the course of the last few weeks, he has discovered that he can make his splashes bigger and BIGGER! He gets so excited! I'll let you see for yourselves...

My First Haircut

Anthony had his very first haircut a few weeks ago. Thanks to Mike and Tina who assisted with the endeavor. We had a wonderful dinner at their home (thanks, Tina!), and Mike donned the shears for the trim. It was just a little peach fuzz that had to come off...a few long pieces in front were in his eyes, and the area above his ears was bothering him.


How many people does it take to distract a baby, cut his hair, keep him steady on the table, and document the event??? At least four!!!

Don't worry about me, Mom! I'm having a blast playing with the bubble wrap!

All smiles in the end! :)


Okay, I know you probably can't tell much of a difference--especially for all of the effort we put into it! Haha! But I know it feels better to him. At least he's not grabbing his ears all the time, making me wonder if he has an ear infection!!!

Oops! I forgot some!

Here are a few more pictures of the weekend we moved in...when Grama and Grampa were in town helping us. Sorry this is a bit out of order...This is before we went to Chicago for Christmas.

first family pic in front of our fireplace

anthony chillin' with grampa watching tv

anthony in his bathrobe--all clean!

my birthday celebration with family

our first dinner at the dining room table

What's so Funny?

This was so hilarious! Anthony was eating cheerios and got one stuck on his nose! We were all laughing so hard we were crying!!! Poor Anthony was just staring at us all laughing with this look on his face like "What's so funny? Mom? Dad? Grama? Anyone???"

Anthony's First Time in the Snow!

What a blast we had in Chicago for Christmas. We wanted a "white Christmas" and boy did we get one--lots of snow and some ice too! We couldn't resist the opportunity to let Anthony play in it. We bundled him up and headed out the door...Mario dug a little hole to sit him in on a blanket. Here's what happened...

Anthony feels the cold, wet snow--something new to touch

Anthony's first taste

He's not too sure about it!

Major meltdown once he finally realized how cold it is!!!
By the way, isn't that just the cutest little snow hat you've ever seen???

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Christmas in Chicago

A couple of nice family portraits as we celebrate the holidays...

Moving Day

Here is our move in a nutshell--from packing boxes to finally arriving with all our stuff at the new place! Boy it sure was a whirlwind! Thank you to our sweet friends and family who helped make things go MUCH more smoothly!!!

anthony helping mommy pack boxes

yoon helping out

staci and arrick...from start to finish (and even beyond) helped us every step of the way!
what would we do without you guys???

ma keeping anthony out of trouble

mar and dave strategizing

almost all packed up!!! oh, the chaos!

anthony holding his keys...saying goodbye to his first room

dad commanding his troops

finally--a lunch break, and the satisfaction of knowing we are mostly moved!!!

thanks again to our awesome team!!!

Anthony Tries his Radio Flyer

Okay, this was the same night as the other video...sorry they are so dark!!! I don't know why we didn't have any lights on! Anyway, this is one of his first few attempts at walking and pushing his radio flyer. He can go really fast now, but this is when he still wasn't too sure of himself.

Anthony Practices his Walking

Now, mind you this was 2 months ago! He does this much better now. But this was a big accomplishment. For awhile when someone would hold his hands, you'd practically have to drag him along--he didn't know how to pick up his feet. Here, he's starting to get it!!!

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Exploring the Front Sidewalk

This is one of the first times I took Anthony outside to play in the front yard. He LOVES being outside!!! Lately he gets so excited when I ask him if he wants to check the mail with me and head for the front door...His eyes light up, and he starts smiling and breathing fast. As soon as I step outside, he starts squirming to get down. Mr. Independent actually crawled off so far I had to go get him and make him turn around! Too cute!!!

Just Being Cute

Here's a cute pic of Anthony in his Thomas the Tank pjs and his "clean hair" mohawk!

Our Kitchen...A Work in Progress

One of the very first tasks of making our new home feel like home was updating the kitchen. We removed the green wallpaper (which wasn't so hard) and the glue (which was extremely tedious). Once we got the layer of glue off--to our dismay--we found more wallpaper covered over with a layer of primer!!! Instead of hiring a professional to remove it, we opted for the more cost-effective route of spackling the walls in the uneven areas, sanding, and repainting. It was a long process, but the end result turned out very nice!!! We love our new kitchen color!!!



It feels more like home already!!!

My First Trip to the Park

This is the park near our new home. We came here and had a picnic lunch after we closed on the house--when MeMe and PaPa came in town to help us paint. I'm sure Anthony will have plenty more trips to this swingset in the future!

Hi Auntie Michelle

Look at me in my cute pjs!!! Thanks!

Christmas Morning--In November

The big day finally arrives!!!
And yes, the tree has ornaments on it now!!!

Christmas morning...Always a fun sight!

Anthony in his reindeer pjs right after he woke up

Auntie Michelle and Uncle Josh with Anthony

On your mark; get set; GO!!!

The best part of each present is the bow!!!

Anthony's radio flyer!!!

Anthony's first look at his guitar

It's playtime!!!

Taking a short break from playing to see Cali

Pooped out after an exciting morning!!!