Thursday, February 19, 2009

My First Haircut

Anthony had his very first haircut a few weeks ago. Thanks to Mike and Tina who assisted with the endeavor. We had a wonderful dinner at their home (thanks, Tina!), and Mike donned the shears for the trim. It was just a little peach fuzz that had to come off...a few long pieces in front were in his eyes, and the area above his ears was bothering him.


How many people does it take to distract a baby, cut his hair, keep him steady on the table, and document the event??? At least four!!!

Don't worry about me, Mom! I'm having a blast playing with the bubble wrap!

All smiles in the end! :)


Okay, I know you probably can't tell much of a difference--especially for all of the effort we put into it! Haha! But I know it feels better to him. At least he's not grabbing his ears all the time, making me wonder if he has an ear infection!!!