Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Playdate with Brody

Today we went over to "Miss Jenn's" for a couple of hours for a fun playdate with Brody. Brody is 10 days younger than Anthony. They were having so much fun playing with this little keyboard together!

Gettin Into Mischief

Well, for the past couple of days, Anthony has been pulling up to his feet on everything in sight. Here he is playing with the plastic piece that holds the cords for the sliding glass door blinds.

And here he is getting into the magazine rack...

And here he is getting caught!

Me and My Daddy

Here's a picture of me and Daddy playing the guitar...

Friday, November 14, 2008

Workin' the Plaid

These are for you, Josh! Thanks for the outfit...we love it!
Could he win the "cutest baby of the year" award, or what???

My First Black Eye

It might be the first time, but we all know it won't be the last time! Let's just say he had an "encounter" with the corner of a table!!!

This was the first day he was actually feeling better, mind you. Poor baby...can't catch a break!

My First Teeth

Okay, has anyone else tried to get a picture of inside the mouth of a squirmy, active baby?!? Be forewarned...it's next to impossible!!! :)

Cooler Days

Mommy let me play outside in the leaves, but I kept trying to put them all in my mouth!!! :)

Anthony's Illness

Anthony had a rough week last week, but he seems to be better now. He was running high fevers for 8 days, and no one could seem to figure out what was wrong. We had almost every test in the book...

flu test

rsv test

strep test


chest xray

rapid respiratory panel

In the end, everything came back normal, so the conclusion is that it was just a nasty virus. Poor baby...he had to get 3 rounds of antibiotic shots (one in each leg each time) just to cover any underlying bacterial illnesses. (They had to make sure it wasn't meningitis or sepsis or an underlying pneumonia). One time his mommy had to give one of the shots (on Sunday) because there was no one else there (besides Dr. Wong) to give the second one...(gulp! it's different when it's your own child!!!).

Here's a pitiful picture of just a few of his band-aids.

And here's a smile to say "I'm really okay!"

As of Monday, he has been over the hump and on the road to recovery. No more high fevers and acting more like himself (just a little cranky still). Today (Friday) is the first day he has been completely himself...playful, happy, sweet-spirited.

Saturday, November 1, 2008

Little Daydreamer

Kinda makes you wonder what he's thinking, huh?


While I was at work today, Daddy fed Anthony lunch...

Here's what went down while Mom was away...

If I let him eat like this every day, I would get absolutely nothing done except caring for my baby and cleaning up food--from the kid, the highchair, his clothes, the carpet, the lamp next to the highchair, and the blinds!!! Good thing Daddy had it all cleaned up before Mommy got home! :)
By the way, Anthony is a pro at eating nowadays.
Here's a list of the foods he's tried and likes...
Rice Cereal
Butternut Squash
Green Beans
Sweet Potatoes
Braised Beef (with sweet potato and carrot)
And the food he's not sure about...
Chicken (with vegetables)
I've been making my own baby food for the most part. It takes some work, but it makes me feel better because I know exactly what's going into his body. We're still in the process of introducing new foods, but if any of you have more food suggestions, I'd be happy to hear them.

Happy Halloween!!!

Happy Halloween, everyone! We had a fun, action-packed day. We spent the morning in Canton, TX for the outdoor market trade--IT'S HUGE!!! They have it once a month...takes us an hour to drive there. A couple of girlfriends and I (and Anthony) spent 4 hours there, and we didn't even see it all!!! They have everything -- holiday things, furniture (hand made, high end, very nice!), jewelry, candles, art, clothing, food (like corn dogs and funnel cakes!), kids stuff, home decor, etc!!! It was AWESOME! I'll have to go back some time soon. I bought a great clock for whenever we get a home! Anthony was perfect the whole time -- slept a lot in the stroller, didn't fuss once! What a great baby I have...I'm so blessed he has such a sweet disposition! Here he is posing with our snaggle tooth pumpkin (to match his little one and a half teeth) right before we left.

Later that night we went trick or treating with our friends Jenn (and Brody) and Carly (and Evan). Evan's two now, and he had a great time running to all the houses. He pooped out after about 10 stops for candy. Jenn and I just followed along for the fun of it. Some people were sweet and donated candy to the "mommy sanity fund" as I like to call it.

Here's our baby in his Tigger costume! So cute! It was more like a little "fat-suit" because Tigger has a big belly. You should've seen Anthony trying to crawl around in this thing! He dragged his belly on the ground and kept toppling over and had a hard time getting back up...I couldn't help but to laugh! (I know, mean mommy)

We had a difficult time getting him to sit still for this photo shoot. All he wanted to do was pull up the grass and leaves and try to put them in his mouth. The two pictures above this were snapped while Mario was dangling my keys up next to the camera.

Here's Anthony with his buddy Brody. Brody is a bat. Don't they look like they're having a blast!?!
Hope you all had a Happy Halloween too!