Sunday, November 14, 2010

Our Pumpkin Patch Adventure 2010

In mid-October we ventured to our first ever trip to the Big Orange Pumpkin Patch. It's located in Celina--not too far from where we live, but it feels like it's out in the middle of nowhere--it's great! The drive out there was beautiful, and it really was starting to feel like fall! Yay! Our friends Jenn, Joe, and Brody joined us for the day--we had a blast!

our boys waiting for the adventure to begin

feeding the animals--Daddy's showing Anthony the ropes

"okay, now I've got it!"

one of our last few pictures of Lucas' "fluffy" hair

he had fun checking out the animals too

Mario and "Mini-Mario"

the animal feeding was by far his favorite part of the day

Anthony and his friend Brody
We kept saying, "Don't let the animals get your cup!"
And I'm pretty sure it happened to both of them!
These animals were pretty aggressive and/or hungry!

the adults are ready to move on at this point!

We only got one cup of animal feed each when we entered the pumpkin patch, but man-- it was like the cups never ran dry!!!

it was pretty cute, though!

oh, here we go--we finally made it on over to see and do some of the other things! Here's our little family on the hay ride--Anthony still talks about this!!!

Lucas LOVED playing with the hay--he probably would've loved eating it too if he didn't have his pacifier in!

our sweet friends joe, brody, and jenn

Lucas just loves life!

finally out of the stroller and playing on the pumpkins

Anthony and Brody pick out which pumpkins they want to take home

all smiles


one of our sweet lil' punkins


this is "the look" Anthony gives when he's about to challenge our authority...
but he sure is handsome, isn't he?

just look at those little stinkers--being nosy

I was trying to get them to look at the camera by asking, " How many fingers am I holding up?"


Jenn, Joe, and Brody--sweet family

me and Jenn--It feels like an eternity ago when we worked together!

Mammina Family

just the two of us--
it's rare we get a picture these days without the babies!

Thursday, November 4, 2010

September Happenings

Here's a quick rundown of some things we did last month...oh, wait!!! It's already November! My blog goal was to get all caught up before Halloween...maybe I'll push that back to Thanksgiving, since I didn't quite meet my deadline! I'm getting closer!!! :)

The weather has been beautiful overall! Perfect for lots of walks around the block--well, at least I'M walking!!!

Anthony had fun painting some rocks PaPa sent him all the way from "The Big H"

Lucas is a big boy playing in the bathtub

LOVE these boys playing with toys in their matching Pampers!
(See, all you mommies of girls out there--I can't do matching hairbows, but I can match some diapers!!!)

I had to include this pic--
One day Anthony wanted to sit in his chair and watch the "big boys" play in the street. He sat here just watching for quite some time!!!

jam session with Daddy
(grinning from ear to ear)

We took a wagon ride to Calloways just to "browse" and came back with lots of pumpkins!!!
Anthony had to walk home holding my hand--he got booted out of the wagon!

Not really sure if Lucas is enjoying the hug in this pic or not! :)
He was such a trooper...I didn't realize the pumpkins were squishing his feet until I went to unload him from the wagon after this picture--he didn't complain once! Poor baby couldn't even move his legs out of the way!

Our backyard BEFORE the early Christmas gift...
(Haha! It looks like we're playing "where's waldo?" with Lucas!)

I'll give you a hint at what the present might be...

And AFTER...
It's our new (to us) wooden playset that we got off craigslist! Mario worked REALLY hard in taking it down in our neighbor's yard, hauling it over, and setting it back up!!! Great job, honey!

And because Anthony will play on it for up to an hour at a time, it's an early Christmas present for Mommy too--the gift that keeps on giving!!!

view of the slide--
Anthony flies down that thing so fast he sometimes faceplants!!! He just gets up, brushes himself off, laughs, and says, "wipeout!"

Lucas loves it too--He really only goes in the bottom part of the fort (I keep calling it a "playhouse" because that's what I see when I look at it, but Mario keeps correcting me saying, "It's a fort"!) Sometimes I'll climb up with both boys and blow bubbles with them from up top!!! They LOVE it! And, of course, Anthony's favorite part is swinging in the swings!!! We do that LOTS! We're having tons of fun outdoors enjoying this cooler weather while we can!!!

My Sister's Artwork

This post is LOOOOOOOOOOONG overdue, but here it finally is--the painting my twin sister Mandy did for me several months ago!!! It wasn't even dry yet when she sent it down with my parents earlier this year, so she didn't get to take pictures of it. I promised her I would. The first time I tried, every single picture I took was crooked. I don't think anyone could make this fantastic of a painting look bad, but my lack of photography skills just didn't do this artwork it justice! These pics aren't a ton better, but the painting itself is just fabulous!!!


I wanted something high-impact with LOTS of color. I saw something similar in a store with a pretty steep price tag...so, talented as she is, Mandy gave me exactly what I wanted--even better than what I had originally seen! I have to admit I got a killer deal, because, I am, after all, related to the artist! :)

a closer view

super close up--just look at that detail work!
This is my favorite part of the whole painting.

Thanks, Mandy, for helping me to make my house a home. Now, if only I could get around to painting the walls and getting some window treatments up, we'd be in good shape!!! :)

Lucas' 8 and 9 Month Pics

Here are the monthly pictures for September and October for Lucas. I just can't believe how quickly the time is flying by! Just look at this big boy--where, exactly, did my baby go???

8 Months

still has the "fluffy" hair! i love it!

later that day...yes, i do occasionally clothe my children!

being a goofball

9 Months

so happy

sitting up so straight--all grown up like

wants to climb

crazy hair!

for the record, about two weeks after this pic was taken, his hair started laying more flat! so sad! :( i guess all good things must come to an end!

what a little stinker!

At his 9 month checkup, here's where we are...

Weight: 15 pounds, 5 ounces (less than 3rd percentile, aka, not on the chart!)

Height: 27 1/2 inches (25th percentile)

For those of you who like to compare, Anthony weighed 16 pounds, 7 ounces at his 9 month checkup. He was just barely still on the growth chart at that point.

Lucas right now is a sweet-spirited boy who loves life and keeping up with big brother Anthony! He's always smiling, has a g0-with-the-flow attitude, and is downright happy 99% of the time! He love, Love, LOVES to wrestle! I will try to sit down with him and read books--talking and looking at the pictures, but before I'm even halfway done, he's squirming to get down. BUT, if I get down on my hands and knees with him he tries to climb over my whole body and just rolls right off! If I gently push him over, he's grinning from ear to ear. He thinks he can take on his Daddy too! It's so funny to watch! He's a great sleeper (7:00-7:00), and he's a champ when it comes to finger foods. I think he can out-eat Anthony some days!!! He really enjoys being outside, but we have to keep his paci in because he puts EVERYTHING in his mouth!!! I've caught him eating crumbs off the floor, lint, leaves, and playdough to name a few, although I'm sure there's more! I have to watch him like a hawk! We are working on training in obedience right now, so there's quite a bit of "Lucas, that's a no...(redirect)...this is a yes!" He's getting better! :) Oh, and did I mention, he's our go-getter?!? We call him "Mr. Determination". He never, and I mean NEVER gives up when he sets his little mind on something. Sound familiar, Bellican Family? ;) What a joy he has been! I just look at my two boys, and even though they're a handful at times, I absolutely wouldn't change a single thing! They are an absolute blessing, and I'm loving every minute!!! :)