Monday, May 31, 2010

Anthony Practices Swaddling

Lucas still loves being swaddled. And Anthony has seen me do it a time or two! :) Anthony has been "practicing" swaddling his Tigger...

little tuck here, and a little fold there...

(Something tells me he's not quite ready to try on the real baby yet! We'll keep working on it!)

Lucas Loves to Bounce

I have never seen a baby love his bouncy seat as much as Lucas does! Maybe it has to do with the fact that my hands are often tied up with Anthony, so Lucas thinks of ways to entertain himself!!! This is his favorite place to be--even more so than Mommy's or Daddy's arms! We take our bouncy seat everywhere...to the pool on playdates, to friend's houses, etc. I just can't leave home without it when it makes him this happy! Now, if I could just figure out a way to take it on the airplane to Ohio.... :)

This was the first video I captured of Lucas bouncing on his own. It is from back at the beginning of April! Doesn't he look young?!? Sorry, Mandy, I know, I know--another dark movie! This one was late at night!

I took this one just a couple of weeks ago. I love his sweet smile! This is seriously how content he is all the time! Please excuse the monkey noises in the background! :)

Anthony and Audrey

Anthony has a sweet friend named Audrey who is just a few months younger than him. They play sooooo well together! As a matter of fact, he is quite taken with her (and she's pretty fond of him too!). Whenever we talk about friends, Audrey is the first friend that he names. He will often ask, "See Audrey?" Many times throughout our day, he will see something, and it will remind him of her...his magnetic fridge alphabet (they like to play with the letters together), cheese or raisins (Audrey brings cheese and raisins to our house as a snack), colorful straws (they picked out straws for their smoothies--see below), our booster highchair (where she sits when she eats with us), the color pink (what she usually wears), mention of the word "swimming pool" (we swam at her neighborhood pool), and many more that I can't remember right now! He'll just say "Audwey" in this cute little whisper like he's remembering the good times! They are just so sweet together and have similar personalities. Here are some pictures and videos of some of their adventures!
Playing in the backyard--they both love being outside!
Little friends
Drinking banana coconut milk smoothies...yum!
Posing for the camera
Little monkeys
Love how they both suck their thumbs and tug at their ears
Being silly in the window
Playing with Noah's ark

Enjoying a snack

I let them watch the David and Goliath Veggie Tales one day, and this "belly-button" song came on right after. Audrey started dancing, and when Anthony saw her getting into it, he jumped in too! This video cracks me up every time! So cute!

Anthony enjoyed playing his guitar for Audrey, and she humored him by dancing to the music!

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Potty 101

We are now a little over a month into potty training. I'm not sure how it's going, really. Anthony is definitely making progress, but the inconsistency is making me a little crazy. I absolutely had some unrealistic expectations going into it...just having never gone through this before, I didn't quite know what to expect. However, while we are all working toward the end goal of Anthony's being potty trained, we are doing our best to have a little fun in the process...

our friend the frog potty

lots of oversized t-shirts lately
(i forget how cute he can look when he actually wears pants!!!)

trying to find ways to keep Anthony entertained

in his grover underpants trying to kill a fly

still working on that fly

(don't tell him Mommy already killed it!)

And last but not least, Anthony watching American Idol while sitting on his potty. (He always asks for the "singing show". It's a special treat he gets every once in awhile since it's on past his bedtime.) He's jamming out with Daddy to the music! So cute! This kid never slows down!!!