Thursday, January 30, 2014

Grama and Grampa Visit -- Pumpkin Patch!

We also had the pleasure of Grama and Grampa joining us for our annual visit to the Big Orange Pumpkin Patch!  We loved having them with us this year!

and here we go...

silly boys are so excited to be here

picking out their favorite pumpkins already

punkin' head #2

punkin' head #1

feeding the animals is still one of their favorite parts

we were all cracking up when the boys let go of their feed cups and the goats were going crazy trying to get every last crumb!!!

I heart this family
(Adeline, Ben, Mario)

the hayride is a-comin'

having some fun on the hayride

me and my little loves

my favorite man in all the world

love this pic mario snapped of grampa

this boy adores his daddy

giving grama sweet hugs

two little goofballs--
who could ask for two more precious gifts?!?

and they are growing up way too fast!!!

please stay little and silly forever

back home, grampa helps anthony with a project in the garage

Sunday after church, we went out to eat at Babe's
(per grampa's request, of course!)
we headed outside for a few pics

what can i say???
they love the spotlight

climbing on the train engine

anthony wanted to stand next to it

they loved checking it out--
and grampa knows so much about trains!
they had fun asking him about every.single.part  ;)

people often ask me if they are always this happy...

...and my response is, "why, yes, as a matter of fact they are!"
(it's true!  we have our moments, but overall, these two love life and bring so much joy to those around them)

Thanks, Grama and Grampa, for hanging with us all weekend and for being such troopers bearing through all we had going on.  We know it was busy, but we sure loved having you be a part of it!  Can't wait to see you soon!

Grama and Grampa Visit -- Fall Festival!

Near the end of October, Mario's grandparents came in town to visit us!  We had a packed weekend beginning with both Stonebriar's Fall Festival...

my bat boys ready for the fall festival

ready to save the day...

...and take on some bad guys

their great-grandparents
we are so blessed to have them in our lives

throwing out a few superhero moves before going in the church

lots of bounce houses and fun games to choose from

first stop--face painting!

it was great seeing besties audrey and elle

they even had some sidewalk chalk to decorate the walkway

more games and more friends inside--
we stopped to say hi to taylor and hudson

grama and grampa bought bubble guns for the boys as a fun surprise

we let the boys sleep in their costumes (they are actually pjs anyway), and first thing they did when they woke up the next morning was run outside to play with bubbles!

thanks so much, grama and grampa!  they LOVE them

Saturday, January 25, 2014

Ft. Worth Air Show 2013

Mid October we took the boys to the Ft. Worth Air Show.  It's become a tradition--we try to go every year.  Mario first took Anthony when he was only two years old, and I stayed home with baby Lucas.  ;)  Times have changed, and now both boys are thrilled when they know the air show is coming up!

We made a stop at Cabela's before heading over to the air show.

The boys took turns "driving" the tractors.

This looks like an ad for Geico.  ;)
Mario was shopping for some camping gear, and the boys found a cozy shelf to rest on.

They had a live owl display, and we were all fascinated by this one!

And we're off!  Forgive my thumb in the pic!
It's so nice they are still little enough to ride in the wagon.

Here we go!!!

Anthony was so proud he had a jet on his shirt--he was telling pilots about it all day!

A pilot lifted each boy up and taught him all about this helicopter.

They loved peeking in the windows and seeing all of the seats and controls.

So neat to see these planes up close and personal!

testing out another chopper

ready for takeoff!!!  ;)

Lucas was the tank driver, Anthony manned the gun, and Mario was just along for the ride!

me and my special boys
this mama is trying her best to get into all this boy stuff!  ;)

We spent quite some time watching these Dodge trucks go over ramps and balancing beams.

Mario even participated in a chin-up contest put on by the army...

...and busted out 25, putting him at the top of the leader board!

 A couple of quick videos of the day...

re-enactment of the Japanese bombing of Pearl Harbor

(listen to the chatter!!!  so cute!)

We sure love our family outings!!!  Can't wait until next year so we can go again!