Saturday, January 25, 2014

Friends and Fun in October

Some fun memories from October we wanted to share...

lunch in the fort

these boys still love (and sleep with) their "bunnies"

two goofballs in the dryer

parade of cars...
trying to cherish these little moments--so fleeting!

both boys still love their gymnastics classes!
here's anthony with coach linney practicing on the rings

week nine of homeschool lessons--so far so good!
we love our university model school--LCA
kindergarten is m/w in the classroom and t/th homeschool

getting things spooky (in a friendly way) for halloween

friends audrey and elle come play in the dirt with us!

definitely couldn't send these sugar and spice girls home without baths!!!  ;)
(and some good clean comfy boy clothes!  haha!)

a visit to friend porter's house to make gingerbread cookies

watching the story of the gingerbread man...
anthony and porter have been LCA best buds, and lucas adores him too

our front door monster made another appearance this year!  
(anthony wanted a crepe paper "cast" on his arm to be like cousin reese who broke her arm a few weeks ago!)

More fun in October just ahead!!!


Aaron, Lacey, Audrey and Elle said...

Cute!! Sugar and spice girls ;) I'm trying really hard to embrace the dirt playing ;) slowly but surely! The girls look so happy in the picture taken after their bath...the LOVE playing at your house!

The Mamminas said...

lacey, i adore those girls so much! we always have so much fun when they are here! maybe a little dirt can rub off on them, then, when my boys are at your house, a little sugar/spice can rub off on them! ;)