Thursday, January 30, 2014

Grama and Grampa Visit -- Fall Festival!

Near the end of October, Mario's grandparents came in town to visit us!  We had a packed weekend beginning with both Stonebriar's Fall Festival...

my bat boys ready for the fall festival

ready to save the day...

...and take on some bad guys

their great-grandparents
we are so blessed to have them in our lives

throwing out a few superhero moves before going in the church

lots of bounce houses and fun games to choose from

first stop--face painting!

it was great seeing besties audrey and elle

they even had some sidewalk chalk to decorate the walkway

more games and more friends inside--
we stopped to say hi to taylor and hudson

grama and grampa bought bubble guns for the boys as a fun surprise

we let the boys sleep in their costumes (they are actually pjs anyway), and first thing they did when they woke up the next morning was run outside to play with bubbles!

thanks so much, grama and grampa!  they LOVE them