Sunday, December 30, 2012


Just a few snippets of our October that I don't want to forget...

all the boys' trucks NEED to park by the kitchen table while they eat breakfast

i think all this talk of Halloween has gotten them in the mood to play dress up!
this is almost every.single.article of dress up clothing we own--
a little hawaiian, a little home depot, a little construction, a little mailman, a little elmo--yep, we've got it covered!

my new favorite pic--
mario snapped this one on a hike with the boys one day while i was at work
(you may have seen it on our Christmas card this year!)

It finally got cold enough to make a fire in our fireplace and make the.best.smores.EVER!

Happy Birthday Meme!

Mid October, we made a trip to Memphis to celebrate a very special occasion--Meme's birthday!  You see, my mom had been hard at work for weeks and weeks painting her cabinets white.  So, my sisters and I thought it would be so much fun to surprise her with a "paint party"!  I would come in from TX, and my sissies would pop over, and we'd all help out with the painting while the guys kept all the kiddos occupied (thank you, our sweet husbands and dad!).  We were hoping to get the project completely finished, and while we didn't quite accomplish that, we did make a ton of progress.

poor mom--it's so hard to live in and use your kitchen while you are working on a project this big.  i'm sure she got so sick of seeing this scene every day for weeks!

hard at work...
we painted over a honey colored wood, so it ended up taking 4 coats!  yikes!

my sis mandy doing some detail work

we did take a break from all that painting to enjoy a birthday celebration over at mandy's house

my dad had a speech all prepared just for my mom about "getting older" and "you might be over the hill if ____"

can you tell she loved it?!?
ok, maybe not...she's still a youngin'!
and sweet baby reese loves her meme!

grandad and billie were able to make it
they REALLY got a kick out of dad's speech--
maybe they could relate better?  ;)

mom had to protest of few of the points

my sweet hubby was a trooper for the weekend
although...i think he preferred kid-duty to painting haha!

daddy checking his notes during his speech

let's open some presents!

we celebrated my grandad's birthday too--
his is just 5 days after my mom's

the best part of getting older--
getting to snuggle some little ones all over again!

dad's birthday is in early november, so we had some gifts for him too, of course!
oops!  think this cap might be a little too small!

my sweet sis michelle and her hubby josh

these boys adore their meme

here are a couple of pics of what the kids did while we were busy painting--
playing at the mall playground

oh, and riding the merry-go-round

what's not to love?  these boys had a ball!

a sweet video clip of "meme" blowing out her candles!  haha!

Thursday, December 20, 2012

Baseball and PJ Day

Mid October, we started to get more serious about Lucas' potty training. He was definitely ready, and had been working on it casually for a few months.  Here are a few pics of the boys playing outside with Daddy!

Lucas proud of the fact that he's wearing big-boy underwear

baseball is still a big hit around our house 
(pun intended)

Lucas takes a turn at bat

What a fantastic Daddy these two have!!!
I love how he takes the time to teach them.

nice swing!

a couple weeks later, anthony had "pj day" at school and got to wear his pajamas the whole day

of course, lucas got to wear his pjs all day too!!!

clowning around

lucas still looks up to his big brother so much
if i ask lucas to pick something out (like "what piece of candy do you want?"), the first thing out of his mouth is, "what's anthony going to pick?"  haha!

my angel babies

my goofballs

Ft. Worth Air Show

We had so much fun at the beginning of October at the Ft. Worth Air Show.  Mario had taken Anthony a couple of years ago, and they had a great time.  Lucas was just a baby at the time, so he stayed home with me.  We thought that this year, we'd all go together as a family knowing both boys were old enough to enjoy it!  And enjoy it they did!  Although, we did have a massive, random cold front come through this weekend!  Ha!  The very next week we were in tank tops again!  That's Texas weather for you!  Anyway, here are the highlights of our day...

checking out a fighter jet

Anthony got to get his hands on a real gun for the first time

Lucas wasn't too sure about it, but it was fun to watch Anthony

a few minutes later, this is what i saw
(yes, that's the safety bar on our stroller!!!)

boys will be boys


some pics of the planes
many different planes throughout the day were doing stunts or choreographed flying

army truck...
i love being a mama to two BOYS!

inside a cargo carrier plane...
it was a nice little break from the cold

massive air force plane
it was so fun to meander about and check out all the cool stuff
there was even a flight simulator and other fun games

we brought our lawn chairs and a picnic lunch and watched the show

one plane made a heart with its smoke

the boys thought this part was great, especially anthony;
lucas thought it was too loud at times

this guy was about to take off for some air time

at one point we looked over to see both boys intently watching the garbage trucks instead of the airplanes!!! haha!

lucas finally takes a turn with a gun

anthony looks pretty confident with that thing...
maybe future air force???

back home they went outside to play--
it's hard to tell in the pic, but anthony immediately grabbed one of his planes to fly around  :)
(i think he had fun)

one quick video of one of the stunt planes...sorry the clip is a little blurry.
this guy made his plane go into a free-fall tail spin, then flew out of it--terrifying and amazing!