Thursday, December 20, 2012

Ft. Worth Air Show

We had so much fun at the beginning of October at the Ft. Worth Air Show.  Mario had taken Anthony a couple of years ago, and they had a great time.  Lucas was just a baby at the time, so he stayed home with me.  We thought that this year, we'd all go together as a family knowing both boys were old enough to enjoy it!  And enjoy it they did!  Although, we did have a massive, random cold front come through this weekend!  Ha!  The very next week we were in tank tops again!  That's Texas weather for you!  Anyway, here are the highlights of our day...

checking out a fighter jet

Anthony got to get his hands on a real gun for the first time

Lucas wasn't too sure about it, but it was fun to watch Anthony

a few minutes later, this is what i saw
(yes, that's the safety bar on our stroller!!!)

boys will be boys


some pics of the planes
many different planes throughout the day were doing stunts or choreographed flying

army truck...
i love being a mama to two BOYS!

inside a cargo carrier plane...
it was a nice little break from the cold

massive air force plane
it was so fun to meander about and check out all the cool stuff
there was even a flight simulator and other fun games

we brought our lawn chairs and a picnic lunch and watched the show

one plane made a heart with its smoke

the boys thought this part was great, especially anthony;
lucas thought it was too loud at times

this guy was about to take off for some air time

at one point we looked over to see both boys intently watching the garbage trucks instead of the airplanes!!! haha!

lucas finally takes a turn with a gun

anthony looks pretty confident with that thing...
maybe future air force???

back home they went outside to play--
it's hard to tell in the pic, but anthony immediately grabbed one of his planes to fly around  :)
(i think he had fun)

one quick video of one of the stunt planes...sorry the clip is a little blurry.
this guy made his plane go into a free-fall tail spin, then flew out of it--terrifying and amazing!