Saturday, August 24, 2013

Watersound Day 5

 I woke up on day five of our vacation to find three little monkeys...

...climbing in the closet!

little troublemakers--

--but they are oh, so sweet!
(brought back memories of a little boy climbing on shelves in the closet in our beach house four years ago!!!)

our early morning attempts at keeping the volume low included coloring and monster trucks!!!

mario and i decided to walk the boys over to play their first mini-golf at a little course in our neighborhood

first we gotta explain how the game works

then, a few practice swings

alright, lucas--let's see what you can do!

they really enjoyed it--anthony even got a hole-in-one!

just watch out for those flying golf clubs!  ouch!

later in the day we met up with friends at baytowne wharf

my handsome boys

look who was in seaside the same time we were in watersound!!!
our friends the headleys!!!

poor audrey wasn't feeling well this day which was such a bummer since there were several things here she was looking forward to!

one of which was the bungee bounce!!!

here's anthony all hooked up and ready to go!

so brave

up, up, and...


he was almost too light--the lady working there had to give him a tug down to help his feet touch the trampoline

audrey has her turn--trying her best to have fun despite not feeling herself at all

lucas was bummed that he was too light to go--
we promised him we'd find something really fun and special just for him to do

anthony was very protective of sweet little elle all day long

we stopped for an ice creaam treat at moo la-la

the boys loved looking at this shooting gallery--
they thought the old truck in the back left looked like mater from the cars movie

our friends are so special to us!!!
(we loved hanging out with you guys!)

precious kiddos--
how do they grow so quickly?

look at these handsome hubbies

lucas spied a koi fish pond, and we knew what his special activity would be--

only lucas got to feed the fish with daddy--
he loved it!

next up was the carousel--
he thought this dragon was cool

handsome pic of anthony that aaron snapped

lucas picked the zebra

anthony was so sweet to elle all day--
he wanted to hold her hand and guide her everywhere she wanted to go

we went back to seaside for dinner and a concert

the little ones had a ball running around

the music was nice and relaxing...
can't believe how many people were there!

while the rest of our community group was meeting in texas, we had our fellowship in seaside!  ;)

in the meantime, my sister mandy and her family went to dinner at shorty's surfside and topside in grayton beach

handsome fellas

and afterward, they met up with us at the concert just as it was getting dark

it was a great ending to a fun and busy day!!!