Sunday, July 11, 2010


Anthony and I found this catterpillar in the backyard a few weeks ago. I thought it was so pretty! I explained to him what a catterpillar was and how they turn into butterflies (just like in his "The Very Hungry Catterpillar" book). He was so interested, and he kept wanting to pet him. Well, we put him back where we found him and went to do something else. A few minutes later, Anthony starts talking about a hippopotamus. Then he asks "See hippopotamus?" "See hippopotamus?" I'm standing there a little dumbfounded trying to figure out what exactly he is talking about. Then he runs to the back of the yard and points to the bush where we found the catterpillar, and says "See hippopotamus?" And finally it dawns on me he has his words mixed up!!! I guess it's an easy mistake--both words have a lot of syllables! I reminded him it was a catterpillar, and now he's got it down pat! Maybe we should make a trip to the zoo soon to see the hippos and set the record straight once and for all! ;)

By the way, does anyone know if catterpillars kill parsley? I HAD two kinds of parsley in my herb garden--flat leaf Italian and curly leaf. I kept finding the catterpillars on the Italian parsley, and now my plant is pretty much dead. But they left the curly one alone--it is literally right next to the dead plant, and it is thriving! Maybe even catterpillars know that Italian flat leaf parsley is the better choice!!! ;)

Our Trip to Ashland, Ohio

During the first week of June, our family took a plane up to Ashland, Ohio. The primary purpose was to see Papa (my dad) walk for his graduation from the doctorate program at Ashland Theological Seminary. He chose this particular seminary because it was the only one that had the program of study for the field that he wanted to specialize in--formational counseling. It combines biblical/clinical couseling, spiritual direction, and healing prayer. He wrote his dissertation on the development of a healing prayer model that teaches an individual to attune to the Holy Spirit's truth in the present moment to overcome lie-based thinking. One of the "head honcho" examiners said it was the best he's ever read!!! Papa, we can't wait to see where the Lord wants to use you in this new pathway of your career. We are so proud of you and proud of the hard work it took to get here.

Here is our trip in pictures...

On the shuttle bus from the remote airport parking to the terminal! Anthony was so excited! It was his first time on a bus! This could've been the entire trip and he would've been so happy!

Lucas' first airplane ride

(Somehow, Mario and I didn't get seats right next to each other...they were across the aisle!)

Anthony in his first "bought seat" on an airplane. No more lap-baby Anthony! He got to wear the "big boy" seatbelt!

Meme and Uncle Justin picked us up from the airport in Columbus for the 1 1/2 hour drive into Ashland. Meme and I were in the back seat talking, and we look up at the kids and see this--so sweet! Anthony is just holding Lucas' hand on the long drive!

Papa spending time with his grandsons; James (Anthony's cousin) is in Papa's arms

Drink up, Papa! You'll need the caffeine from the coffee to keep up with these boys!

Anthony loved pushing James around in his stroller. This is in front of the "married couple" dorms at Ashland University. We got a good deal staying here, and they were very nice and comfy!

We took a tour of "Amish country" one day while we were there. Here is Mario and Lucas riding in the front of the horse-drawn carriage.

Me and Anthony in the back of the buggy. Anthony was being a stinker and didn't want to look at the camera!
Daddy and Lucas

Anthony pushing the stroller again...I don't think James is in it this time! This provided HOURS of entertainment for him throughout the duration of the trip!

Me and my Daddy! So proud of his accomplishments!

Aunt Michelle and Uncle Josh getting in the buggy for their turn

Aunt Michelle loving on Anthony

The Amish schoolhouse. Grades 1-12 were taught all in the same room!

I think this one was the Yoder house. We bought fresh baked cookies and homemade jam! Yum!

James is ready to drive away! Enough of the buggy stuff he says!

Sweet James giving Anthony a hug

Meme gave the boys lollipop treats after lunch! Wow!

Me and sweet hubby wearing our Greeley Estates shirts! Representing in Amish country! (Thanks, Ryan Z! We love you guys!)


The graduation day was June 5th. Here is the program with my sweet Dad's name "William M. Bellican". We did have to keep the kiddos occupied for 2 hours while we waited for his name to be called because he was in the last group!!! ;) It was so worth it!

Front of program

All the doctorate candidates ready to walk across the stage

My dad is officially "hooded" as a Doctor of Ministry!!!

Proud Papa with his boys after the ceremony

Only Lucas was cooperating for the photo op

Three Troublemakers, er, I mean, Muskateers

Sweet baby Lucas

Lucas loved being pulled on the blanket

Such a good baby

Anthony crawled around with James...they loved following each other!

Anthony looking through the foggy window at Papa


Who can resist these babies?

I am the luckiest mom in the world!
I'm so sorry Uncle Justin and Uncle Josh! I managed to get pretty much no pictures with you guys in them!!! I'll do better next time, I promise! And Meme, I didn't really have many of you either! Send me some if you have them!!!
One more thing...A cute video of Anthony and James. Anthony and James were crawling and chasing one another around the dorm room. (They were a little hyper because it was past their bedtimes!) Well, James decides to go over and open the broiler under the oven. Anthony sees this and doesn't know what to think because we have a similar oven in our house, and he is not allowed to mess with it! So, at the end, you can see him stand up and start to tattle on James--too funny!