Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Some Recent Pics

Just wanted to share some recent pictures of our sweet toddler baby...he's still my baby, right?

smiles in the morning

happy baby

walking so much more now

just peeking--trying to catch a glimpse of our neighbor's dog

yes, i climbed up here all by myself!

Father's Day

These pictures have been a long time in coming!!! We had such a fun Father's Day this year. Anthony wanted to take his daddy to a baseball game, so I tagged along too! We went to the Rough Riders game, and we all had a blast! It was the second of a double header, so it was only a seven inning game. Anthony didn't get restless until the sixth inning, even though it was past his bedtime! He loved cheering with the crowd and dancing to the music. He sat in his little backpack chair almost the entire game and even enjoyed a hotdog. Here are some fun pictures from the night...

"Wow, Dad! You're the coolest!"

me and my Daddy

getting my glove ready for the big game

hanging out in my backpack seat

It was hot, but it sure was fun!


Oh yeah...see that guy in the red shirt in the video? Early in the game, the guy sat in the seat directly in front of Anthony. Since Anthony was sitting in his backpack chair he was much shorter than he would have been if he had been sitting in someone's lap. So, Anthony proceeds to ever so politely tap the guy's shoulder as if to say, "um, excuse me...you're in my way...could you move down one?" The man and his entire family moved down to the left so Anthony could see the game! :)