Tuesday, June 7, 2011

What We Do For Fun

Here's a glimpse into our lives around the house in March and April...

lots of pics, then a few videos at the end!

Hanging out with Dada being "cool"

eating ice cream from the ice cream truck

mohawks in the tub

photo op during one of our evening walks

big brother too!

Daddy loving on his boys

trying to get everyone to look at the camera is challenging these days!

leggo masterpieces

trying to be like big brother with his socks and red bag

"where's lucas?"

just chillin'

taking the hummer out for a spin

(daddy has to run alongside and help keep it on the road!)

there they go!

playing in the fort

giggles at bedtime

"cooking" for Dada

handsome boys

brotherly love

heading out for a wagon ride

lots to see

our favorite rock

(getting our energy out!)

relaxing with Dada

(usually just Anthony likes to do this, but this time Lucas wanted to climb on top!)

two little monkeys jumping on the bed

jam session with Dada

Lucas practices his swing

Anthony's rendition of "Jesus Loves Me"

Okay, just as a side note, see how many pictures of Mario are in this post? Can I just tell you that I'm IN LOVE with this man?!? I'm so proud of how he makes such a conscious effort to spend time with these boys on a DAILY basis--and actually has fun doing it! His love for our kids makes him EVEN MORE attractive to me, and I know these boys will benefit from it their entire lives. Thanks, honey, for being such a great Dada....xoxo!

Friday, June 3, 2011

Happy Third Birthday, Anthony!

Mid-March we celebrated Anthony's third birthday with an airplane themed party. We decided to keep things small, so he had just a couple of his closest friends over to share in his special day. My parents were able to come in town for the event too, so that made it extra fun! Here are some pictures of our bash.

My mom and I spent the few days before the party refinishing this play kitchen as one of Anthony's gifts. It used to be pink, yellow, and blue with a pink checkered backsplash--sounds lovely, I know! ;) It was alot of work, but it turned out great!

Anthony gets to try out his new kitchen before his guests arrive.

What's for lunch???

enjoying Meme and Papa

the airplane cake

We hung some craft airplanes from the light fixture.

Anthony couldn't wait to dig in!

Mommy and the birthday boy

Lucas was ready to celebrate too!

He is playing peek-a-boo with Daddy

hamming in up for the camera

"I see you!"

When the guests arrive, we are all treated to an impromptu concert.

The kids loved playing outside--the weather was gorgeous!

Anthony and Michael drive the Hummer

Audrey and Lucas take a turn

When the kids came inside, they got to decorate some airplanes with stickers and glitter glue. Later the husbands had more fun playing with them than the kids!

Anthony could hardly contain himself as everyone sang "happy birthday"!

make a wish!

he would rather eat the fruit than the cake! silly boy!

but the cake tastes pretty yummy too!

Anthony and Lucas with friends Brody, Audrey, and Michael (and Michael's big brother Matthew helping out)

the gifts in their luggage to go with our airplane theme

Anthony enjoyed opening his gifts! Here he had just stuffed a wad of cash in his pocket! haha! How he knew to do that, I have no idea!!!

The doctor's kit from Aunt Michelle and Uncle Josh was a big hit!

this is what present-opening time looked like...organized chaos!

we loved it!

Anthony was thrilled with his new bike from Meme and Papa

Once the party was over, Lucas finally got his hands on that new kitchen too!

He's loving it! Cutie pie!

letting go of some balloons outside with Meme and Papa--it's fun to watch them fly away!

Meme loving on Lucas

my two boys

still having fun after the party's over!

Happy birthday, my sweet Anthony! Hope you had an extra-fun day!!!