Tuesday, June 7, 2011

What We Do For Fun

Here's a glimpse into our lives around the house in March and April...

lots of pics, then a few videos at the end!

Hanging out with Dada being "cool"

eating ice cream from the ice cream truck

mohawks in the tub

photo op during one of our evening walks

big brother too!

Daddy loving on his boys

trying to get everyone to look at the camera is challenging these days!

leggo masterpieces

trying to be like big brother with his socks and red bag

"where's lucas?"

just chillin'

taking the hummer out for a spin

(daddy has to run alongside and help keep it on the road!)

there they go!

playing in the fort

giggles at bedtime

"cooking" for Dada

handsome boys

brotherly love

heading out for a wagon ride

lots to see

our favorite rock

(getting our energy out!)

relaxing with Dada

(usually just Anthony likes to do this, but this time Lucas wanted to climb on top!)

two little monkeys jumping on the bed

jam session with Dada

Lucas practices his swing

Anthony's rendition of "Jesus Loves Me"

Okay, just as a side note, see how many pictures of Mario are in this post? Can I just tell you that I'm IN LOVE with this man?!? I'm so proud of how he makes such a conscious effort to spend time with these boys on a DAILY basis--and actually has fun doing it! His love for our kids makes him EVEN MORE attractive to me, and I know these boys will benefit from it their entire lives. Thanks, honey, for being such a great Dada....xoxo!