Tuesday, June 29, 2010

My Handymen!!!

We've had a few projects that have needed to be done around the outside of the house lately. Fortunately, I've got two swell guys who enjoy fixing things!

There was a slat or two on the fence that was pretty much rotted off--well, just dangling there. Anthony's curiousity got the better of him one day, and he decided to see what would happen if he pulled it off. The fun with that lasted all of about 30 seconds...he just threw down the slat. However, we've had a bunny friend who has found it much easier to sneak into our yard. :)

So, Mario bought some wood to repair the broken/missing slats. I didn't know he knew how to fix it, but he did an excellent job. Maybe one of these days, we'll invest in a really nice fence. There just always seem to be better things to spend our money on! ;)

Like father, like son...boys hard at work

"ok, what's daddy doing now?"

"gotta put my hammer in daddy's tool belt--that's where it belongs, afterall"

Mario is trying to show him which end of the hammer to hit the wood with. Even after the lesson, he still thinks it's more fun to hit with the wrong end! ;)
Our other project was a leaky faucet. 90% of Mario's repairs to our home have been plumbing issues! Haha! He loves them (yes, that was sarcastic)! Looooong story short, Mario had to remove the old faucet which had a lot of corrosion. Then he had to scrape out more of the brick to make the hole bigger so the new faucet would fit in...

a whole new meaning to "hole in the wall"

tools for the job
(yes, that is an old toothbrush in the mix)

hard at work

brand new faucet

perfectly done, and no leaks!!!
He has learned so much by being a home-owner...I am so proud!
(And I'm so thankful that I don't have to do these things myself or hire a professional!!!)

Here's Anthony working on the fence. The only reason he is using this hammer the correct way is that it makes fun noises when he hits it against something! ;) What a big helper he is!!!

Summertime Fun!

Just a couple of cute pics of Anthony playing in his little splash pool...

Thursday, June 10, 2010

Lucas' 4 Month Pic

I cannot believe Lucas is 4 months already! (Well, really, almost 5 months now, but this is his 4 month pic). I mean, it seems like just a few short weeks ago I was in the hospital delivering him, and now I can't even really call him a newborn anymore. His latest stats at his 4 month checkup were...
Weight 12 pounds, 12 ounces (25% percentile)
Height 24 inches (25% percentile)
(And for those of you who keep up with this sort of thing, Anthony weighed 13 pounds, 1 ounce at his 4 month checkup!!! Everyone thinks Lucas looks so chubby, haha! Those cheeks are VERY kissable!)

this picture was a little harder to take...he kept wanting to sit up and lean forward!

sweet "hair sticking up" boy...i love it!

This is such a fun baby age! He is obsessed with chewing on his hands right now. Well, he will chew on just about anything you put near his mouth...but no teeth yet. He has found his feet, and he can roll from tummy to back. He could scoot across the room on his back--he's such a mover and a shaker. He loves playing. He is such a happy baby and smiles so big all the time. Rarely is he ever fussy (except when he's "starvin' Marvin" in the mornings). He LOVES watching his big brother! He usually sleeps from 9-11 hours at night and still takes 3 naps during the day. He still likes being swaddled to go to sleep except now he always kicks out of it. But if we don't swaddle him it takes him awhile to settle down. We just got his exersaucer down from the attic, and he's really interested in that...however, his favorite seat in the house is still his bouncy seat!!! He just seems to bring so much joy to everyone who holds him or talks to him. Never in a million years did I ever think I'd have two boys!!! I wouldn't trade them for anything in the world!!! They are so much fun!

Happy 31st Birthday, Mario!

My sweet hubby celebrated his 31st birthday in May. We had already kind-of celebrated with his "official" gift--a Jars of Clay concert...so fun! It was at White's Chapel United Methodist Church in Southlake, TX.

before the show

it's starting, it's starting!

they played some new ones, but they definitely threw in some oldies but goodies...we had fun singing along

Then some friends came over to celebrate on his "actual" birthday. Mario wanted to grill out chicken wings, so I gladly let him do all the work! We had corn on the cob, Italian salad, bread, and of course, chocolate peanut butter cake! Yum!

blowing out the candles...3 on top and 1 on the bottom

oh yeah...dig right in!

Yoon and Caleb
(Kristin was there, but she would not let me take her picture--haha!)

Matt and Hang

Mario's "home made" birthday gift--a gift certificate from me!
(The fine print says "must be scheduled on calendar--see Melanie for details")

the front of his other home made gift...

...we finally joined the 21st century and got dvr service! yay! no more commercials!
(yay for me...no more listening to complaining during commercials!)

Lucas' Baby Dedication and Happy Mother's Day!

We had Lucas' baby dedication on Mother's Day Sunday. Many thanks to Jan who made a special effort to take pictures during the service so we could document the event! We miss you, family!!!

In the picture above, Mario and I are discussing the fact that Lucas had a major (and I mean MAJOR) blowout WHILE we were in front of the entire church! It wasn't loud or anything, but I didn't even go back to my seat...I took him straight to the restroom where I had to wash out his adorable poop-stained outfit. I was convinced it was ruined, but somehow I got the stains out!!!

We had celebrated Mother's Day the day before. Saturday was beautiful weather. Mario and the boys took me to a park where we had a picnic lunch by the lake. It was so nice, but of course, my camera was dead. It always happens at the most inopportune times! Definitely need a new one! Anyway, then we went to a fun dinner at Champp's and got some yummy burgers.

Here are some pics of the boys from that week...

Happy boy

A little blurry, but oh so sweet

Brotherly love

Yep, hair still sticks up

Want to kiss him all over!

Playing in a mudhole in the rain

Yummy watermelon
"Wonder why Mommy sends me outside to eat it?"

Ok, we saw this rainbow out in our backyard a few weeks ago...you know the pictures never do it justice! This was the most vibrant rainbow I've ever seen. AND you could almost see the entire thing from start to finish. The camera couldn't even capture the width at all! Just makes me in awe of our great big God who keeps His promises!