Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Grama and Grampa Visit + A Trip to the Pumpkin Patch!

In mid October, Grampa and Grama drove all the way down from Kansas to visit us for the weekend! It sure was a treat! We squeezed in alot of playtime, including a trip to the pumpkin patch!

Mario toted Lucas around in the backpack

Anthony wanted to hold Grama's hand

Here we are!

Pumpkin Patch 2011

Anthony went straight for the pumpkins

This lovely little butterfly kept landing on Grampa

Aren't our grandparents beautiful?!?
(outside and inside--truly amazing people)

The boys had so much fun feeding the animals!

I love Lucas' expression here with his mouth open--haha!

He's concentrating!

It was so much fun sharing our yearly tradition with Grama and Grampa

When Anthony ran out of animal feed, he tried feeding the goats rocks.

Hmmmm, wonder why they weren't as interested?

This was Lucas' first time feeding the animals. Last year, he sat in the stroller with his paci and watched. My baby is growing up!

I think he liked the goats best

Anthony loves animals and is so sweet to them

Grampa and Lucas waiting for the hayride

watching with excitement

view from the front--it was a big one...it had several of these trailers crammed full with people!

Anthony had fun seeing the sights

Lucas had a ball in Grampa's lap

Anthoy chose to sit extra close to Grama

I love this sweet picture

Lucas loved picking through all the pumpkins--they all looked great to him!

sweet baby boy

Anthony found his favorite!

a quick family photo

grama and grampa's turn!

the boys were losing it, but don't our grandparents look beautiful?

We went out for dinner to Babe's, and after that, the boys had a blast checking out the train!

So fun! I had a great video clip of Grampa explaining the train to Anthony. It was too big to upload on my blog, but it was so cute! Anthony asked a ton of questions, and Grampa patiently answered every one of them. Grampa knows a ton about trains. Anthony was super interested in his locomotive lesson!

We'll have to get this boy on a real train ride one of these days!

Oh, these boys adore their grandparents--yes, they do!

A little video clip of Grampa blowing bubbles for Lucas. I love how these two have not lost touch with their "inner child"!

Thank you, Grama and Grampa, for being such godly, loving examples for these boys and for us! It means so much to us that you made the trip to see us and that you make our relationship with you a priority. Your legacy for the Lord shines so brightly! You are welcome back anytime!

Just For Papa

This one's just for you, Papa! Lucas says and does the exact same thing every time I put his sunglasses on! He tries to do the "thumbs up" and says "Yeaaaaaah". When I do it back, he says "like Papa". So cute!