Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Daddy's Away...Meme Comes to Play!

Mid September, Mario flew off to Israel for a missions trip with Voss Lighting.  He actually coordinated the whole trip although he had never even been there before--what a gift he has!  They did tons of street evangelism--in neighborhoods, markets, at the beach.  It was such a neat experience for him--one of his most life-changing trips.

He landed in Tel Aviv--
 This is where his group was based and where they did the majority of their outreach.

He got to see so many cool places--
The Sea of Galilee


Mount of Olives

And while Mario was away, my mom got to come in town to help me and play with these two little guys!

carousel at the mall

we did face-time calls a lot with daddy to keep in touch

we had a movie night one night, and my mom introduced us to "mr. popper's penguins".
they boys thought the movie was hilarious!
the credits at the end was their favorite part--they broke it down to "ice, ice, baby"!

we ventured out to downtown mckinney to browse the shops

lucas found this little suitcase that was just his size at an antique store--
looks like he's moving away from home :(

of course, we HAD to make a stop at the candy store!

these two were so good--
reading books while mom and i looked around

climbing aboard the big tractor in front of local yocal

they begged to go up these fire escape stairs

my two sweetie pies

meme loves them (almost) as much as i do!!!  ;)

my mom let them pick ANYWHERE they wanted to go for dinner

they picked the waffle house!  haha!

not my top pick by any stretch, but they sure loved the mickey waffles our server made especially for them!

after dropping anthony off at school one day, lucas made a new friend at the park

these cuties were THRILLED that a fire truck came into the parking lot to do some drills

our firefighters are so, so kind around here!

lucas practices sliding down the pole

wave bye, lucas!  
hope to see them again soon!

lucas then ran off to chase some birds--
some things he just gets honestly--right, mom and dad?  :)

another morning while anthony was at school, we headed to the outlet mall to do some shopping

i think lucas rode every motorized toy at the mall that day!

practicing his cool motorcycle man look

how can you refuse a kid 50 cents when it makes them this happy???

kicking around town after getting haircuts--
so handsome

swinging around in daddy's office chair

all dressed up and ready for church

lucas does his death-defying stunts again at another park!

the best day during our week with meme?  the plano balloon festival!  coming up next!  stay tuned!!!

Wednesday, December 25, 2013

Events of September

Mammina family random fun...

selfies at the mall  ;)

playdate with friend porter
(after this pic, i showed it to lucas, and he said, "oh--i thought we were doing silly faces!" haha!)

really getting into little legos these days

lucas' photography skills

squishy cheeks!!!

still loving our bike rides to the park

getting so big

playing bean bag toss

these guys get pretty competitive

anthony looking handsome in his LCA uniform

lucas having fun at the park with mama

hanging out with besties audrey and elle (and special stuffed friends)

a little window shopping at toys r us

why, yes, he is secure enough to ride a barbie bike

coloring time with daddy

making a secret fort

meme comes in town!!!

loving the stomp rocket from friends audrey and elle

the stomp rocket in action!!!
soooooo much fun!!!