Wednesday, December 25, 2013

Events of September

Mammina family random fun...

selfies at the mall  ;)

playdate with friend porter
(after this pic, i showed it to lucas, and he said, "oh--i thought we were doing silly faces!" haha!)

really getting into little legos these days

lucas' photography skills

squishy cheeks!!!

still loving our bike rides to the park

getting so big

playing bean bag toss

these guys get pretty competitive

anthony looking handsome in his LCA uniform

lucas having fun at the park with mama

hanging out with besties audrey and elle (and special stuffed friends)

a little window shopping at toys r us

why, yes, he is secure enough to ride a barbie bike

coloring time with daddy

making a secret fort

meme comes in town!!!

loving the stomp rocket from friends audrey and elle

the stomp rocket in action!!!
soooooo much fun!!!