Friday, December 6, 2013

August Round-Up

Some fun (and funny) pics of our August...

marker mustaches!!!

i tried so hard not to laugh at these two kids when this happened!

anthony decorated the white board in our Sunday school classroom...

...just before Daddy and Mr. Daxton led our class in praise and worship

we made another trip to the "chicco pepper place" (per boys' request)

Anthony is adoring his LCA teacher, Mrs. Cleveland
(and we do too!!!)

Lucas and I have been having some early morning playtime at the park
(we drop Anthony off at 7:45, so we get to enjoy the outdoors before it gets WAY too hot!)

"french fry order up!"

the daily car and truck line up as everyone "goes to their jobs"

my baby looks so long napping in my bed!

these two are still loving their saturday morning hikes with daddy while mommy goes to work

we even caught a rough riders game with some friends at church

goooooooooo riders!
the boys got to meet deuce the prairie dog too!  so exciting!

evening jam session with daddy

we crank up the music and get our instruments
(anthony has been wanting to play his own guitar lately)

lucas tries his hand at it too, but mostly he can usually be found playing the keyboard or standing on a stool on the fireplace just praising God

one more pic of my favorite playground buddy

Goodbye August, Hello September!!!