Saturday, November 16, 2013

Anthony's First Day of Kindergarten!!!

On Wednesday, August 2, 2013, Anthony began his very first day of Kindergarten at his new school Lucas Christian Academy!  I normally have to drop him off and pick him up in a specific traffic flow pattern (he is escorted in by LCA parents), but the first few days of school we were permitted to bypass the drop off line and walk the kindergarten kids all the way to the classroom to ease the transition into a new school.  This gave us some extra time this morning for a photo opportunity!

all smiles heading into his first day

he asked me to get this shot  ;)

can't believe this boy is a kindergartener!

i'm so proud of his courage

all ready to go with his new rolling backpack

and he's off!

bye, mom!

oh, there he is again!

loving on daddy

sweet hugs for mommy

i heart this age...
can't they stay this way forever?!?

and, this is what it really looks like around our house--
lots of silliness!
they wanted to wear these visors in the car

uh huh

we made it!
time to walk up the ramp to his classroom in the portables
construction on the new school building will begin soon--this fall!
we can't wait until it's done!

taking this picture almost brought me to tears...
look at that big boy!
so independent these days!

he's excited to see his teacher mrs. cleveland again!
he met her once before the schoolyear started at an open gym get together

and there she is, welcoming him into the classroom!
we love her already!

anthony placed his things in his cubby, just like he was supposed to

and here's his friend caleb who was also in his preschool class!
it helps having a friend there and going through it together!

he got to work on a coloring sheet as soon as he sat down.
suddenly, i felt as though i wasn't needed anymore!  ;)

getting to know new friend ryan

one more hug from little lucas

sweet little brother has the harder time saying goodbye
he will be a little lost without big brother anthony around on mondays and wednesdays

just me and lucas heading back home!
don't worry little lucas--
i think a stop at the park is in order here!

after a big first day, anthony returns to the car looking tired, but still smiling--
he LOVED it!

at home he shows off his "purple" on his behavior calendar!
this means exceptional obedience!
way to go anthony!

Anthony, we're so thankful for you and cannot believe you are growing up this fast!  Your school LCA is an answer to prayer, and so is Mrs. Cleveland.  We pray that you continue to grow in knowledge, but that most of all, God grows you in His wisdom this year.  We are so proud of you, little man!