Saturday, October 26, 2013

Highlights of Nonna's Visit

Sorry in advance for the picture overload!  We just had so much fun while Nonna was here, that I had to share a little bit of all of it!!!  Thanks for making our July super special, Ma!

working on our stuffed artichoke dinner--
SO.much.fun!  (wink, wink!)

praise and worship with daddy

this boy loves Jesus with his whole heart!

these boys are giddy about having their Nonna in town

sweet hubby--
he works so hard for us!

Mario shows the boys the "hump day" video clip, which, of course they thought was hilarious!

playdate at the mall with friends after swim lessons
yeah, we're used to the chaos!  haha!

these two have been best friends since they were in diapers!

eyeing all the sweet treats

we heart chick-fil-a!!!

running off some energy at the indoor playground

um, i think this guy needs a haircut!

carousel ride!

Nonna spoiled us by cooking us a yummy salmon dinner!

handsome Anthony after his haircut

handsome Lucas after his haircut

always have to play with the trains at snip-its before we leave

reading with daddy

why do they always look so much more grown up after haircuts???
BIG boys!

The boys try to catch grasshoppers with the new bug kits Nonna brought them

they caught at least 8 of these guys!

Lucas examines his prisoners with his magnifying glass

Anthony doesn't want to miss anything

I remember when we had to hold Anthony up in the tree for this pic

yeah, he knows he's a cutie pie!

one saturday, mario and ma took the boys to the park so i could get some painting done

daddy usually has as much fun as they do

cool dude

fun on the swings

tigress move!

daddy is showing off!  ;)

watch out!
this one will be on top of a wall before you know it!

flynn rider move!

man!  these boys can run!

thanks mar and ma!
the boys had a blast, and i got sooo much work done!

they decided to wind down with some reading time at the library

and some lunch at market street

and i'm still finishing up when they get home!

beautiful mckinney sunset!

love these pics from after church

me and my guys

after naps we headed over to the headley neighborhood for audrey and elle's swim party!

so much prep work!  ha!

it was cloudy and sprinkling a bit, but that didn't stop these kids from having a blast!

happy birthday girls!!!

lucas had fun zooming around on this scooter

anthony worked the tricycle around the room

this picture of elle hugging our gift cracks me up!

amidst all the busyness, nonna still has time for some reading with these munchkins

and mario put my chair cushions back on for me!
yay!  chairs complete!

Nonna brought the despicable me movie and found these shirts for the boys--
they LOVED them!

one last breakfast with Nonna before she flies home!
we will miss her!

Ma, thank you, thank you, THANK YOU for making the time and effort to get down to Texas and spend two weeks with us!  We always seem to squeeze so much in, but it's always oh, so fun!  The boys adore you, and it's so nice for me to have a break from our normal routine.  You bring so much joy to our family.  We love you so much and can't wait until we see you again!