Saturday, October 5, 2013

Nonna Comes to Town and Fourth of July!

At the beginning of July, Nonna was able to come for a visit!  Hooray!  We were so excited to have her here!  The first full day she was here we did run a couple of errands, but we mostly just hung out at home.

dress up happens pretty frequently these days.  here we have batman and "firetruck man"

a beautiful day...
nonna gets some snuggle time while reading with the boys

we cooked dinner at home

look at these three goofballs

after dinner we played chutes and ladders--
It was extra fun having Nonna play with us!

the next morning was the 4th!
we headed out pretty early to catch the parade in downtown mckinney
a large gathering of families from Titus II meets up together every year...

waiting for the parade to begin
yes, apparently batman decided to join us--
i think lucas got more attention in his costume than the people who were actually IN the parade!  ha!

this is anthony's face when we told him the parade was starting--SOOO excited!
he wanted to bring his red and blue shakers

they both LOVED it--
so happy

the police cars and fire trucks are always a favorite

the boys thought this army truck was pretty cool--
all decked out in patriotic decorations

they always look forward to seeing the horses as well
(and laughing about what they leave behind!)

here's batman again!
not sure which group thought it was a good idea to hand out yellow feathers for the fourth of july???

it may not be the fanciest parade in the world, but we love our little tradition

Nonna and two handsome boys

me with my friends from church, sarah and hang
(no we didn't plan the outfits!)

anthony and one of his best buds, michael

the whole gang--
mostly Titus II families

Mario took Lucas to run an errand, so Anthony, Nonna, and I headed into some of the antique shops
Anthony made himself right at home

and of course, we had to make a quick run to the candy store--
hilarious face--i think he's a little bit excited!

the boys cooled off at home with some fun on the slip n slide


it was nonstop action, of course!

this year, they've really gotten the hang of it

they love for daddy to send them flying through his legs!!!

sweet brothers

here's a little glimpse of the action

a little later, mario grilled some burgers for dinner

we went for a quick walk while we waited for it to get dark

i made a yummy fresh peach and blueberry dessert

the boys have their glowsticks from nonna ready!

we headed out to the backyard to do some sparklers and little fireworks
(shhhh--don't tell the city of mckinney!)

this stinker refused to look at me!

anthony was really wanting to try them on his own this year

this was the best family pic we could manage!  ha!
(i think mario was concerned about having his shorts burned!)

lucas only wanted to do sparklers with his mommy holding him

Nonna got in on the fun too!

one of the little tank fireworks that mario got--
these all stayed on the ground

then we hopped in the van and drove down to the park to get a good view of a real fireworks show!

Happy 4th, everyone!!!