Saturday, October 26, 2013

Swim Lessons!

Upon returning from our trip, I was anxious to see how the boys were doing in swim lessons.  Day two didn't go quite as smoothly as day one.

Lucas and I chilling while Anthony swims...

...or NOT!  
Anthony was all tears on day two!  He was afraid to put his face in!

And to think--THIS was the child I was worried about being scared!  Ha!

this little one was happy and being his usual jovial self

face in the water even though it wasn't his favorite

practicing his floating

as soon as his lesson was done, anthony was all smiles again and feeling much better

all the kids' favorite part is the lollipop treat at the end!!!
thanks, mrs. davis!

the following day was much better--
we had gone out and bought the boys goggles, and anthony had practiced putting his face in the bath water the night before--he was ready to face the challenge!

he had definitely regained his courage

sweet snuggles with nonna

lucas was working hard at his kicks and blowing bubbles

anthony was a great listener and did his best to do just as mrs. davis asked of him

he was good at encouraging his friends too

even smiles in the water--
we LOVE mrs. davis--
she is great about pushing the kids to do their best without pushing too far

monkey, airplane, soldier--
practicing the backstroke

so proud of him overcoming his fear

lucas was getting the hang of things and had good body control

he was a good listener and very obedient

and that sums it up--2 weeks of lessons complete!
BOTH boys did great!!!