Thursday, October 17, 2013

Fun Times with Nonna!

Let the good times roll!

Here are the highlights of the boys' time with their Nonna while Mom and Dad were away...

water pistols in the backyard

"it's raining!!!"

pizza night!

firecracker popsicles

movie time!  veggie tales!

a walk with special friends

turtle sighting!

cars and trucks!!!

special treat cereal for breakfast--life and trix!

movie time!  despicable me!

all the trucks want to watch the movie too!

water play and superhero moves

massive leaps over the water worm

soaking wet and all smiles

hours of entertainment!

slip n slide

catching the water

so handsome

best buds

water leaking from the storage compartment of the wagon--all the way around the block!
the boys thought it was hilarious that the wagon was "peeing"!!!

sweet smiles with Nonna before their first swim lessons of the season

playtime at Mrs. Davis' house before it's time to start

their favorite swing


waiting so patiently--
cool shades, anthony!

mrs. headley is here for audrey's lesson too!

there's audrey!  she swims like a fish!

anthony's turn--all smiles!
way to go!

lucas' turn--he was so brave!
and good friends caleb and joshua are in his class!

special lunch and playtime at chick-fil-a

making surprise artwork for mom and dad before we get back home

yay!  mom and dad arrive!  
dinner out at fuzzy's taco shop--kid's request!

sweetie pies--they did so great for their nonna

sooo glad to have daddy snuggles again!

special treat--ice cream at ben and jerry's

mommy sneaks in some play time before everyone crashes--especially nonna!  ;)

Ma, thank you so much for keeping these kiddos safe and busy and enjoying every moment!  They made so many fun memories in such a short time!  It was great listening to all their stories of their weekend with you!  We are so blessed by you and all your hard work!  We love you!