Saturday, February 1, 2014

November Highlights

The morning after Halloween I flew out to Memphis to meet my brand new little nephew, Conner Payne...

I got to spend a little time with my grandad.  love him!

look at this sweet munchkin

i've forgotten what it feels like to hold one this little ;)

my niece reese had recently broken her arm, so we shared some snuggles

showing off her cast--she picked the blue

while i was out of town, mario was busy attempting a camp out in the backyard with the boys

they were sooo excited to sleep in a tent!

all their special "friends" joined them as well--
they made it until about 2am, before the boys got too cold and wanted to head back to their beds

the next week while anthony was at school, lucas and i celebrated his hippo's birthday!
(yeah, it was really just an excuse to get some donuts!!!)

anthony's project on lyndon b. johnson--he picked this president himself in class.  when i asked why he chose this one, he said that in the picture mrs. cleveland showed him of president johnson, it looked like he was holding a garbage can!  i guess he found that interesting!  ;)

Anthony's Elementary Showcase--
he performed two songs with his class
(to anthony's right--in the orange shirt--is porter, his best friend in school)

lucas couldn't wait to see his brother on stage

they sang "Jesus Loves Me" with the hand motions
they also sang a color song which tied in to their studies
(they've been memorizing the color names as sight words)

snuggles with daddy after it's all done--
he did great!

Lucas always asks to ride the mickey golf cart anytime we are at babies r us

my handsome boy--
love hanging out one on one while anthony is at school

i walked in the kitchen to find them making milk bubbles one morning!

my good friend kristin and her newest little one samuel at the ornament exchange we participated in

mario still has regular jam sessions with the boys
i love how he is instilling a passion for music within them, especially good worship music!

Halloween 2013

We had so much fun doing Halloween this year!  I ordered these batman costumes (pj sets) at Target, and the boys LOVED them!  They had so much fun being superheroes this year!

some quick pics before it gets dark

love these little blue capes that came with the set

some superhero moves before the big event

fighting bad guys

ready to save the day

and save the world

the heroes in action

have you ever seen two cuter batmen?

after our photo shoot they were more than ready to go trick-or-treating

mario had fancied up their power wheels hummer with a black sheet, spray painted cardboard, and blue glow sticks to make the batmobile!  It was pretty awesome!

me and my little loves

they thought they were pretty awesome!

and so did our neighbors!  ;)
everywhere we went, people asked if they could take pics of the boys in their batmobile!

It was really, really fun to trick-or-treat this year!  The boys didn't tire out since they were riding, and we had to power-walk to keep up with them.  It was very nice to keep things moving.   We did have to help them watch out for pedestrians, though!!!  And they got a TON of candy since they were able to go for a long time without getting tired.  That could be a good or a bad thing, depending on how you look at it!  Haha! 

Thursday, January 30, 2014

Grama and Grampa Visit -- Pumpkin Patch!

We also had the pleasure of Grama and Grampa joining us for our annual visit to the Big Orange Pumpkin Patch!  We loved having them with us this year!

and here we go...

silly boys are so excited to be here

picking out their favorite pumpkins already

punkin' head #2

punkin' head #1

feeding the animals is still one of their favorite parts

we were all cracking up when the boys let go of their feed cups and the goats were going crazy trying to get every last crumb!!!

I heart this family
(Adeline, Ben, Mario)

the hayride is a-comin'

having some fun on the hayride

me and my little loves

my favorite man in all the world

love this pic mario snapped of grampa

this boy adores his daddy

giving grama sweet hugs

two little goofballs--
who could ask for two more precious gifts?!?

and they are growing up way too fast!!!

please stay little and silly forever

back home, grampa helps anthony with a project in the garage

Sunday after church, we went out to eat at Babe's
(per grampa's request, of course!)
we headed outside for a few pics

what can i say???
they love the spotlight

climbing on the train engine

anthony wanted to stand next to it

they loved checking it out--
and grampa knows so much about trains!
they had fun asking him about every.single.part  ;)

people often ask me if they are always this happy...

...and my response is, "why, yes, as a matter of fact they are!"
(it's true!  we have our moments, but overall, these two love life and bring so much joy to those around them)

Thanks, Grama and Grampa, for hanging with us all weekend and for being such troopers bearing through all we had going on.  We know it was busy, but we sure loved having you be a part of it!  Can't wait to see you soon!