Thursday, June 10, 2010

Lucas' Baby Dedication and Happy Mother's Day!

We had Lucas' baby dedication on Mother's Day Sunday. Many thanks to Jan who made a special effort to take pictures during the service so we could document the event! We miss you, family!!!

In the picture above, Mario and I are discussing the fact that Lucas had a major (and I mean MAJOR) blowout WHILE we were in front of the entire church! It wasn't loud or anything, but I didn't even go back to my seat...I took him straight to the restroom where I had to wash out his adorable poop-stained outfit. I was convinced it was ruined, but somehow I got the stains out!!!

We had celebrated Mother's Day the day before. Saturday was beautiful weather. Mario and the boys took me to a park where we had a picnic lunch by the lake. It was so nice, but of course, my camera was dead. It always happens at the most inopportune times! Definitely need a new one! Anyway, then we went to a fun dinner at Champp's and got some yummy burgers.

Here are some pics of the boys from that week...

Happy boy

A little blurry, but oh so sweet

Brotherly love

Yep, hair still sticks up

Want to kiss him all over!

Playing in a mudhole in the rain

Yummy watermelon
"Wonder why Mommy sends me outside to eat it?"

Ok, we saw this rainbow out in our backyard a few weeks ago...you know the pictures never do it justice! This was the most vibrant rainbow I've ever seen. AND you could almost see the entire thing from start to finish. The camera couldn't even capture the width at all! Just makes me in awe of our great big God who keeps His promises!