Sunday, December 30, 2012

Happy Birthday Meme!

Mid October, we made a trip to Memphis to celebrate a very special occasion--Meme's birthday!  You see, my mom had been hard at work for weeks and weeks painting her cabinets white.  So, my sisters and I thought it would be so much fun to surprise her with a "paint party"!  I would come in from TX, and my sissies would pop over, and we'd all help out with the painting while the guys kept all the kiddos occupied (thank you, our sweet husbands and dad!).  We were hoping to get the project completely finished, and while we didn't quite accomplish that, we did make a ton of progress.

poor mom--it's so hard to live in and use your kitchen while you are working on a project this big.  i'm sure she got so sick of seeing this scene every day for weeks!

hard at work...
we painted over a honey colored wood, so it ended up taking 4 coats!  yikes!

my sis mandy doing some detail work

we did take a break from all that painting to enjoy a birthday celebration over at mandy's house

my dad had a speech all prepared just for my mom about "getting older" and "you might be over the hill if ____"

can you tell she loved it?!?
ok, maybe not...she's still a youngin'!
and sweet baby reese loves her meme!

grandad and billie were able to make it
they REALLY got a kick out of dad's speech--
maybe they could relate better?  ;)

mom had to protest of few of the points

my sweet hubby was a trooper for the weekend
although...i think he preferred kid-duty to painting haha!

daddy checking his notes during his speech

let's open some presents!

we celebrated my grandad's birthday too--
his is just 5 days after my mom's

the best part of getting older--
getting to snuggle some little ones all over again!

dad's birthday is in early november, so we had some gifts for him too, of course!
oops!  think this cap might be a little too small!

my sweet sis michelle and her hubby josh

these boys adore their meme

here are a couple of pics of what the kids did while we were busy painting--
playing at the mall playground

oh, and riding the merry-go-round

what's not to love?  these boys had a ball!

a sweet video clip of "meme" blowing out her candles!  haha!


Aaron, Lacey, and Audrey said...

These pictures really make me want to paint my cabinets white now! You should post a picture of the finished product! Looks like a fun trip :)

The Mamminas said...

That's so funny, Lacey...I'm dying to paint mine white too!!! Add it to the to-do list!!!