Saturday, January 25, 2014

Ft. Worth Air Show 2013

Mid October we took the boys to the Ft. Worth Air Show.  It's become a tradition--we try to go every year.  Mario first took Anthony when he was only two years old, and I stayed home with baby Lucas.  ;)  Times have changed, and now both boys are thrilled when they know the air show is coming up!

We made a stop at Cabela's before heading over to the air show.

The boys took turns "driving" the tractors.

This looks like an ad for Geico.  ;)
Mario was shopping for some camping gear, and the boys found a cozy shelf to rest on.

They had a live owl display, and we were all fascinated by this one!

And we're off!  Forgive my thumb in the pic!
It's so nice they are still little enough to ride in the wagon.

Here we go!!!

Anthony was so proud he had a jet on his shirt--he was telling pilots about it all day!

A pilot lifted each boy up and taught him all about this helicopter.

They loved peeking in the windows and seeing all of the seats and controls.

So neat to see these planes up close and personal!

testing out another chopper

ready for takeoff!!!  ;)

Lucas was the tank driver, Anthony manned the gun, and Mario was just along for the ride!

me and my special boys
this mama is trying her best to get into all this boy stuff!  ;)

We spent quite some time watching these Dodge trucks go over ramps and balancing beams.

Mario even participated in a chin-up contest put on by the army...

...and busted out 25, putting him at the top of the leader board!

 A couple of quick videos of the day...

re-enactment of the Japanese bombing of Pearl Harbor

(listen to the chatter!!!  so cute!)

We sure love our family outings!!!  Can't wait until next year so we can go again!