Sunday, November 14, 2010

Our Pumpkin Patch Adventure 2010

In mid-October we ventured to our first ever trip to the Big Orange Pumpkin Patch. It's located in Celina--not too far from where we live, but it feels like it's out in the middle of nowhere--it's great! The drive out there was beautiful, and it really was starting to feel like fall! Yay! Our friends Jenn, Joe, and Brody joined us for the day--we had a blast!

our boys waiting for the adventure to begin

feeding the animals--Daddy's showing Anthony the ropes

"okay, now I've got it!"

one of our last few pictures of Lucas' "fluffy" hair

he had fun checking out the animals too

Mario and "Mini-Mario"

the animal feeding was by far his favorite part of the day

Anthony and his friend Brody
We kept saying, "Don't let the animals get your cup!"
And I'm pretty sure it happened to both of them!
These animals were pretty aggressive and/or hungry!

the adults are ready to move on at this point!

We only got one cup of animal feed each when we entered the pumpkin patch, but man-- it was like the cups never ran dry!!!

it was pretty cute, though!

oh, here we go--we finally made it on over to see and do some of the other things! Here's our little family on the hay ride--Anthony still talks about this!!!

Lucas LOVED playing with the hay--he probably would've loved eating it too if he didn't have his pacifier in!

our sweet friends joe, brody, and jenn

Lucas just loves life!

finally out of the stroller and playing on the pumpkins

Anthony and Brody pick out which pumpkins they want to take home

all smiles


one of our sweet lil' punkins


this is "the look" Anthony gives when he's about to challenge our authority...
but he sure is handsome, isn't he?

just look at those little stinkers--being nosy

I was trying to get them to look at the camera by asking, " How many fingers am I holding up?"


Jenn, Joe, and Brody--sweet family

me and Jenn--It feels like an eternity ago when we worked together!

Mammina Family

just the two of us--
it's rare we get a picture these days without the babies!