Saturday, December 4, 2010

All Things Halloween (lots of pics)

We had so much fun around Halloween this year! Get ready for picture overload! My mom, sister Mandy, and nephew James were able to come down for the weekend. We squeezed in Fall Festival, a trip to Canton (no pics of that--we were too busy keeping up with the babies!), pumpkin carving, lots of playing, and of course, trick-or-treating! Whew! Anthony, Lucas, and James all dressed up as construction workers this year! They were adorable! People kept asking the boys, "Are you 'Bob the Builder'?" We finally we all just nodded and said "yep!" We all had a blast!

spooky cupcake treat

two of the cutest construction workers you ever saw

some of the kiddos in our playgroup
This picture cracks me up! Can't you tell everyone is having so much fun?
L to R: Caleb the teddy bear, Taylor the cheerleader, Audrey the ladybug, and Anthony and Lucas the construction workers

MeMe and Anthony and James heading to Fall Festival

posing for a pic before entering the church

Aunt Mandy and James playing a game

now it's Anthony's turn!

Lucas was a little too little for the games, so he enjoyed his glow-stick that Daddy bought for him!

James gets some pitching practice in

Anthony and Daddy are up to bat

Anthony loved the bounce house! Do you see me? I was in there too--just to make sure he didn't get trampled by the big kids!!!

hard at work carving our pumpkins

James is such a big helper

Lucas had the most fun of all!

the back view

Anthony meticulously picking up pumpkin seeds so we can roast them

Lucas loves his Aunt Mandy

Anthony and James--up to no good! ;)

sweet James having fun on the slide

Lucas trying to keep up with the big boys

can you believe we were in shorts and bare feet over Halloween weekend?

sweet Anthony loves his swing!

Lucas and his crazy hair


before taking off for trick-or-treating

yes, my child is eating a leaf

Anthony's friend Brody came trick-or-treating with us too!
What a cute fireman! This was the only time all night he wore his fire hat!

me and sweet friend Jenn

twin sisters--yay! love how different we are!

our little fam

excited about his "loot"

everyone marching up to the next home

my little babies are growing up too fast!

so fun!

James enjoyed a lollipop along the way

Lucas got a little tired by the end of the night, so I ran him back home to Daddy who was handing out candy!

He was much happier on Daddy's shoulder than he was in the wagon!

tickle wars!!!

aren't they just precious?!? I hope they stay really close as they get older!

loving being a mommy to these boys!

MeMe can't get enough of these babies!