Thursday, December 16, 2010

Lucas' 10 Month Pics

Where, oh, where has my little baby gone??? Wow! What a big boy he is now!!! These pics were from mid-November. Note the hair lying down flat.

sweet happy boy (most of the time)

checking out tigger

laughing at big brother
(Anthony gets him to laugh the best!)

and what he'd rather be doing...climbing!!!

little stinker!

Lucas has had a more difficult time these past few weeks, not the least of which I'm sure is related to his top two front teeth coming in at the same time!!! He is also trying very hard to keep up with big brother--He knows what he wants to do, but many times he cannot quite make his little body do it. He is quite proficient at climbing, so we've found out this month! He has climbed onto his feet on Anthony's "cry chair", he can climb onto Anthony's toddler bed, and I did find him on the second to the top rung on the ladder of our playset outside one day!!! He still loves laughing, wrestling, and eating!!! He can out-eat Anthony lately!!!! One thing's for sure--there is never a dull moment around our house these days!!!