Saturday, November 1, 2008

Happy Halloween!!!

Happy Halloween, everyone! We had a fun, action-packed day. We spent the morning in Canton, TX for the outdoor market trade--IT'S HUGE!!! They have it once a month...takes us an hour to drive there. A couple of girlfriends and I (and Anthony) spent 4 hours there, and we didn't even see it all!!! They have everything -- holiday things, furniture (hand made, high end, very nice!), jewelry, candles, art, clothing, food (like corn dogs and funnel cakes!), kids stuff, home decor, etc!!! It was AWESOME! I'll have to go back some time soon. I bought a great clock for whenever we get a home! Anthony was perfect the whole time -- slept a lot in the stroller, didn't fuss once! What a great baby I have...I'm so blessed he has such a sweet disposition! Here he is posing with our snaggle tooth pumpkin (to match his little one and a half teeth) right before we left.

Later that night we went trick or treating with our friends Jenn (and Brody) and Carly (and Evan). Evan's two now, and he had a great time running to all the houses. He pooped out after about 10 stops for candy. Jenn and I just followed along for the fun of it. Some people were sweet and donated candy to the "mommy sanity fund" as I like to call it.

Here's our baby in his Tigger costume! So cute! It was more like a little "fat-suit" because Tigger has a big belly. You should've seen Anthony trying to crawl around in this thing! He dragged his belly on the ground and kept toppling over and had a hard time getting back up...I couldn't help but to laugh! (I know, mean mommy)

We had a difficult time getting him to sit still for this photo shoot. All he wanted to do was pull up the grass and leaves and try to put them in his mouth. The two pictures above this were snapped while Mario was dangling my keys up next to the camera.

Here's Anthony with his buddy Brody. Brody is a bat. Don't they look like they're having a blast!?!
Hope you all had a Happy Halloween too!