Thursday, October 9, 2008

Happy Fall!!!

Awww...look at our little punkin-head!!!

We were on our way to Dr. Goebel's office yesterday, and it was so crisp and cool that it really felt like fall! Anthony would hardly sit still for me...He was too busy crawling to the edge of the sidewalk and pulling up the grass!

So, he got 2 vaccines, and on top of that he has his first tooth popping through the bottom gumline, so he's not feeling very well today. :( Hopefully we can lay low for a bit and get back on track quickly!



Rebecca said...

he is soooo cute Melanie!!! LOVE THE HAT and his facial expressions!

billb said...

What a beautiful, young man, growing up right before our eyes. I pray that, as parents, you are increasingly enabled by God to love Anthony in the same ways the Father loves you both (all three) so deeply.