Sunday, February 22, 2009

Watching Curious George

Here's a video that MeMe will appreciate. We bought the Curious George movie that can be played in both English and Italian. Mario has started letting Anthony watch a little bit of it. He loves the opening song (because it is music for one), and secondly because it shows George playing with all the other baby animals. He loses interest pretty quickly after the music is over, but he is enthralled for about 5 mintues! We tried to capture his expression while he was watching it. Sorry again about the darkness. We did have some lights on, but my back was turned to them, and we didn't want to distract Anthony before we could catch this clip. I love how he's swaying to the music in the very beginning! In one part he yawns (I don't think he's bored, but it kinda looks like it), and toward the end he smiles at the screen before seeing me with the camera! Enjoy!!!