Friday, June 8, 2012

Pre Easter Celebrating

Here's a sneak peak into our pre-Easter fun...

dyeing our easter eggs

they got really into it this year

an easter egg hunt with our playgroup friends

on your mark, get set...

and they're off!
anthony and taylor look under the slide

lucas found some!

anthony checks out audrey's stash

"here's one, mama!"

while the girls were playing quietly (i'm sure of it), here's what the boys were up to when the egg hunt was all finished!

we took the boys to another fun egg hunt that a local church puts on--right around the corner

the boys love the bounce houses
way to go, anthony!!!

then there was a playground to play on

lucas wasn't quite sure--there were quite a few big kids playing there
but after awhile, he warmed up

anthony tries the slide
this is nothing compared with the big bounce house slide

finally it was time for the egg hunt

it was mass chaos, but the boys ended up with lots of eggs

heading home with some popcorn and all the "goodies"

aren't these boys sweet???

the night before Easter Sunday, i made "easter egg paint" for the bathtub

they loved it!  both were quite the artists

anthony smiles in front of his masterpiece

lucas thought it was so funny he got some on his nose!

anthony's "other" masterpiece!!!

big grins--
easter egg paint was a success!!!
(and i do believe i got the entire bathroom cleaned while they were preoccupied!!!  yay for mommy!)