Thursday, June 14, 2012

Silly Boys, Yardwork, and Friends

Lucas is a goofball in Mommy's running shoes

Normally Anthony would be content to stay in his pjs all day.  But THIS morning he surprised me by getting dressed all by himself.  And he told me, "Mama, i MATCHED my clothes."
He did a pretty good job!!!
(and let me just tell you--he LOVES these blue plaid shorts!  he'd wear them every day if he could!)

My sweet little Lucas has been content to follow his Daddy and Anthony around the yard while they are pushing their lawnmowers, and all the while he has had nothing to push.  So, we finally got him his own new lawnmower!  Notice how much more sleek the new model is!  :)

he is so, so proud

Lucas was kind enough to share his gas tank with Anthony so he could fill up his lawnmower.
And might I add that THIS sweet boy didn't complain over the fact that Lucas had a NEW one.

well, apparently i forgot to tell them that these are NOT riding lawnmowers!  ha!

Here he is in action--doing great staying with Daddy

all three putting in some hard work!
i love how patient their daddy is, too!
and oooh--did you notice our new fence?  it's not stained yet in these pics.

hanging out at friend Caleb's Cars themed birthday party
what a beautiful day!

the boys LOVED the Cars racetrack set up in the living room

these two spent the entire party either playing with the above racetrack or this raceway on the floor...
they were in Cars heaven!

here's the sweet birthday boy Caleb--3 years old!
(your mommy did an excellent job with your fun party--thanks for having us!)

and these handsome boys--
i was trying to get some current photos for our mother's day cards


oh, and they definitely know how to ham it up!
love how they keep me on my toes!