Sunday, June 3, 2012

Rain Puddles

Puddle splashing is one of those things that makes me smile when I think about my own childhood.  There's something really freeing about jumping in the water and not giving a second thought as to what shoes you might be wearing or if you are in fact splashing mud onto your clothes and in your hair.  :)  And since the rainstorms are few and far between around here, I have to be intentional if I ever want my boys to know the joy of splashing in some rain puddles.  So, after a little rain at the end of March, we decided to jump right in (yes, pun intended) and go for it...

big brother Anthony has done this before--he shows Lucas how it's done

now Lucas has the hang of it

we had the entire back alley all to ourselves

i think they were enjoying themselves

who knew a little stream of water could make these boys so happy???

that smile makes all the clean-up well worth it!  ;)

and this little munchkin still copies every. single. thing. his brother does!!!

action shot

and they're off!
now i have to put the camera away and try to keep up!  ;)


Mandy said...

Can't wait to see them in a week!