Sunday, October 3, 2010

Our Summer Travels--Part Two

Ok, people! I'm apologizing in advance...Do NOT read this post if you have anything to do within the next hour!!! Haha! You are about to be on picture overload! I have to attribute 98% of these pictures to my incredible mother-in-law...I'm often not so good about taking pictures when I travel, but she is the queen of pictures. (I did have to sort through the 333 pictures from the disk she sent, but it was well worth it!) ;) I know I still have WAY too many on here, but there were so many cute ones, and it was just too difficult to narrow it down!!! Plus, we somehow squeezed in so many activities during our week-long stay...judging solely by the pictures, it looks like we were there for a month!!! We loved it, the kids loved it--it was a fantastic time. Thanks, Ma and Dad, for hosting us for a week. Every second of that drive was worth it so we could spend some quality time together as a family! We love you!

Ok, for anyone who knew us when Mario and I shared his little old red Miata...here's what she looks like now--what a beauty! Mario's dad has been fixing her up!!!

The boys enjoyed the car too!

Ma didn't know we were coming--surprise! So, the next morning I joined her and her girlfriends for breakfast at a cute little place called "Egg'lectic".

Anthony LOVED playing the piano while we were there.

We brought Lucas' bouncy seat along so he'd have somewhere to relax.

Mar and i sneaked out to catch a movie--Karate Kid 3--at the Tivoli Theater.

Mar's good friend Mike stopped by to catch up a bit--and of course, EAT!

Just look at that sweet angel baby!

Starting off our morning right--enjoying coffee and breakfast.

so happy

Mario and I give each other this look a lot...It means, "How did we get here--two little ones?!?" It happened so fast!

my big boy coloring

Nonna took Anthony to the park.

Can you tell he loved it?!?

what a cutie!

brotherly bonding

I love this face!

Mar and the guys went fishing...Must be difficult with no kids around! ;)

Dad looks in control of the situation.

Mario, Uncle George, Dad, and Grampa

Ma and I take the boys to the petting zoo...aren't they cute?

watching the ducks

loving the umbrella stroller

He got into the "animal watching" more than I thought he would.

sweetie pie

checking out the horses

close up!

Anthony loved hanging out with Nonna.

He also loved pushing Lucas around in the stroller!!!

I think this is a llama. Don't worry--He's not putting his mouth on the fence even though it looks like it! Ha!

It looks like he's trying to climb in there! I think he was reaching for the a handful of sand--ew!

smiley boy

me and my babies

Nonna came prepared with lots of water...it was hot!

Anthony thought the birds around the picnic tables near the exit were just another attraction. He had fun chasing them.

We had to get a "twin" photo--we both wore pink sleeveless shirts and khaki shorts/capris--too funny!

look at those two handsome guys!

this one is handsome too!

LOVE this picture--4 generations

Nonna and I give the boys quick baths...Lucas gets his in the kitchen sink!

He was very interested in the running water.

He'd try to grab it...

...and just stare at it...

...and stare at it some more!

Anthony got his bath in the big laundry room sink! He thought that was FUN!

We stayed up late playing dominos.

loves to bounce!

Nonno designed a track for all of Anthony's trains.

Anthony enjoyed pushing a "bear friend" in the stroller.

He discovered "dots" (aka dominos) and couldn't get enough of them! He loves counting!

so happy!

rolling around

Grampa and Grama all dressed up for a lunch out with friends.

Nonna and Anthony decide to make a chocolate peanut butter cake. Yum!

taste test!

LOVE this picture!

messy mouth!

Nonna sure is nice to let you do all that spoon-licking!

One last taste before it goes into the oven!


family photo

grandparents with grandkids--love it!

Nonno spending some time with the kiddos

The next morning Mario, Lucas, and I headed into downtown Chicago...such a sweet pic!

What else do we eat, but Chicago-style pizza?!? Delicious!

spent a little time at the Trump Tower

Lucas does great when we are out and about...always in a good mood.

Next morning, Anthony is still playing with the "dots".

Uncle George and Aunt Patti stop over for dinner on our last night.

They had fun loving on the kids.

Grama and Grampa make the sweetest couple.

We make a pretty cute couple too!

Aunt Patti gets in on the "dot" action.

In the morning, we get up early to head out...4am wake-up call to leave by 5.

Goodbyes are always sad. :(

Can't wait to see you again soon! Thanks for the wonderful time! We love you!


Mary Beth said...

Your boys are just precious!! I loved looking at all the pictures of your trip~ how much fun!! I hope y'all are doing well!!

Nonna Mammina said...

I loved reliving every moment of your trip all over again!! You're quite the journalizer. I'm shocked you were able to do such a great job condensing, or did you?! Dad and I laughed and cried over your pics and comments. Miss you all so much love Ma