Tuesday, October 19, 2010

What a Cutie!

I have to have a shameless bragging moment...Lucas is just the cutest baby ever!!! He is growing up way too fast! Amidst the craziness of caring for both a baby and a toddler, I need to take a few moments to just focus on the fleeting moments of babyhood--they seem to disappear entirely too quickly. So, here are some (mostly) September pictures of my sweet baby boy...

just hanging out

happy boy

messy mouth


"discovered" the grass (he usually sits on a blanket)

FUN! Something else to put in my mouth!

first tooth!!!

learned to pull up to a stand right before he turned 8 months

spending time with Daddy


another view of that tooth

standing is second nature now--pulling up on EVERYTHING!

"playing" ball in the backyard

peaceful sleep

a quick video of Lucas smiling...he is like this 95% of the day!!!
God made him with such a sweet personality!

cute video of one of Lucas' first attempts at eating Cheerios.
what a little ham!


Justin & Mandy Payne said...

Lucas is just TOO CUTE! I love his sweet smile. Your kids' hair is so different from my kiddo! Haha