Saturday, October 23, 2010

Our Bedtime Routine...In Video

This post might be a little tedious for some of you readers, but it is pretty entertaining if you have time to watch the videos!!! I wanted to post our bedtime routine at this stage in life just so I can look back and enjoy it later (and not forget how it was...I think I'm never going to forget these moments, but it's so easy to do!). Well, have fun sneaking a peek inside our normal lives...

Anthony and Lucas LOVE wrestling with Daddy! They burn off some "late night" energy every evening before bedtime. I think Lucas loves it even more than Anthony at this stage. He really believes he can take Daddy on!

Italian Nursery Rhymes
Some of you may not know that Mario primarily speaks Italian with the boys at home. We just want them to be "submerged" in another language as much as possible to increase the liklihood that they will retain at least some of it!!!
(Please excuse the nose-picking...we're working on that!)

Bible Story
Last year we got Anthony the "Read with Me Bible" by Zonderkidz. It's got great illustrations, and the stories are geared for ages 2-5. I mostly love how it really stays true to the Word--it's condensed and simplified, but not watered down.
(Lucas isn't usually in his crib at this point, but I needed him contained so I could shoot the video!)

Several months ago, we starting adding hymns to our bedtime routine--Anthony loves music, and what better way to foster that than filling his mind and heart with songs that are truths from God's Word? He has really enjoyed it from the get-go, but lately he has been really (I mean, REALLY) fond of "Holy, Holy, Holy". He almost knows every word of all four verses, and loves singing them all throughout the day. This video totally cracked me up because Lucas is falling over right as they are singing "falling down before Thee"--haha!

Memory Verses
Mario has been working with Anthony on memorizing Scripture. He started with John 3:16 and Ephesians 2:8-9, and he now knows them by heart. Lately he has been learning 1 John 1:9. It's amazing what kids can absorb at this age! Although he may not fully understand the words, we believe God's truth is still impacting his heart.

And I couldn't resist just a few more pictures of some bedtime shenanigans. These were taken one night when Mario wasn't home, and I was putting the kids to bed by myself.

This picture makes me laugh--what you DON'T see (because I didn't get a picture of it) is that Lucas likes to stand there and lay his head on the bed while Anthony is jumping--used to make me a nervous wreck, but now I'm kind-of used to it! :)

sweet night-night hugs

monkeying around

say "cheese"!!!

things just keep getting sillier and sillier until mommy turns out the light!


Mandy said...

I LOVE that he has Scripture memorized already! Fantastic!