Friday, October 1, 2010

Our Summer Travels--Part One

In the month of July, we DROVE to Chicago to visit Mario's parents. It seemed like it had been AGES since we had seen them, and we knew if we didn't seize the opportunity, we would probably not be seeing them again until Christmas. So, we packed the kids up and headed that way! Fortunately, Memphis happens to be a good halfway point, so we were able to break up the trip both ways by staying overnight at my parents house. This first posting is about the time we spent in Memphis on the front end and back end of our trip--less than 24 hours each time, but we still had fun seeing the family and resting. And the kids had an awesome time playing. Be on the lookout for Part Two--our actual time in Chicago.

me and the boys at a rest stop...we had to stop for diaper changes, baby nursing sessions, and just to stretch our legs

Anthony and cousin James playing down at the "playground"--the big wooden playset area in Meme and Papa's backyard that I played on all during my own childhood.

They seemed to have more fun digging in the sand than anything else!

close up--filling up a cup with sand

They spent quite some time playing down here--very content. They probably could have even stayed a couple m ore hours if we had let them! Haha!

sweet James

my sweet baby--concentrating very hard--he's really into it!

love this sweet face!

Anthony helping Meme with dinner rolls on the back end of our trip

Meme lets him get in on the action

Tasting it is the best part!

After the rolls were in the oven, Meme let him make his own "rolls" (or whatever else he wanted to!)

sweet little messy face

i think he might be making "snakes" here

cooking requires concentration

having a blast stirring

look at that big boy!
he is just growing up too fast!

Grandad (my grandfather) loving on Lucas--finally they get to meet!

Anthony and sweet cousin James having fun together again

being silly together

and the highlight of our time in Memphis--riding the "tractor" with Papa!!!
who knew a riding lawnmower could be so much fun?

And now for a couple of quick movies...

Anthony and James after dinner--little buddies

Anthony and Papa enjoying the evening on the swings

the time on the "tractor"-- in action!

Part Two coming soon!


Mandy said...

So precious! Can't wait to see yall!