Friday, October 15, 2010

Summertime Fun V -- Water, Water Everywhere!

Anthony had a TON of fun water activities this summer...some in our own backyard, and others out and about. He had a ball at Audrey's birthday party in late July. He is STILL talking about swimming at her neighborhood pool and eating cupcakes. :) Mario took Anthony to her party, and I attended our Community Group--it was all happening at the same time. Mario took these pics!

chatting it up with the birthday girl

a little swimming

a little splashing

apparently, he was VERY helpful when it came time for Audrey to open her presents! :)

Happy 2nd birthday, Audrey!

what a fun day!

Just a few days later, we met up with our playgroup at the splash park. It was Anthony's first time, and he really enjoyed it! Some friends brought some shovels and buckets to play with, and he thought it was great!

wow--look at the fountains!

oh boy--this is going to be fun!

lucas hung out in the shade in his stroller
does he look a little bored to you?

Anthony spent quite a bit of time looking across the street at the construction trucks. I think he enjoyed this just as much as he loved the water!!! :)


Aaron, Lacey, and Audrey said...

Great pictures! They had so much fun at the party, Audrey loved having Anthony there! That picture of him leaving the party is so cute! I wish we had made the splash pad, looks like you all had fun!