Thursday, August 19, 2010

Summertime Fun IV -- Sunny Days and Rainy Days

Living here in Texas, we've had a LOT of hot, sunny days!!! It's really mostly unpleasant/unbearable to be outside unless there is some form of water activity. So, I'm doing my best to get the kids out to get some fresh air and get some energy out despite the heat! We dragged the sprinkler out one day...Anthony had never really played in it before, so I wasn't sure what he would do, but he seemed to enjoy it.

figuring it out

getting "rained" on

he kept trying to push his truck around in the grass and getting frustrated that it wouldn't go

I guess there's really only so much one can do by oneself with a sprinkler

"ahhhh...nice and cool"

Lucas had fun watching Anthony run around

my babies

being goofy

lucas didn't want to stay on the blanket...he was eager to explore the grass

yep, it's my new favorite picture up at the top of the blog...just having fun in the sun

and, oh yes, we still do the thumb-suck/ear pull...wonder if he'll ever outgrow it???

Here's a quick video clip of Anthony playing in the sprinker. He liked to run to one corner, let it "rain" on him, and then run to the other side so it could "rain" on him again. He did this for quite some time, but I only got a few seconds of it because squirmy Lucas kept trying to grab my camera! ;)

We have had some rainy days in between our LONG stretches of heat. The rain doesn't really cool things off much around here in the summer, but the cloud coverage is a nice break from the beat-down of the heat. Nonna sent down some rain boots for Anthony, so being the good mommy that I am, I got him all dressed for playing in the rain, and I sent him outside all by himself to enjoy it! :) Hey--at least I documented it!
riding his truck...
as you can see I was taking pictures through a screened window

playing with rocks

i think being alone in the rain was kind of like therapy for him
(just like the finger painting was!)

watching the rain splash out of the gutters

i love how he wants to explore

filling up his watering can....

....so he can water mommy's plants in the rain! what a big helper!!!

this is what lucas likes to do while anthony is playing in the rain--stay dry with mommy!


Justin & Mandy Payne said...

Please Please Please come closer to Memphis!!! I miss you guys too much! Want to be close to those kiddos!