Sunday, August 15, 2010

Grama and Grampa Visit

At the end of June, Mario's grandparents came to visit us! They live in Olathe, KS, so, they made quite the effort to come down by us! :) We were just so thrilled to get the opportunity to spend some quality one on one time with them. Well, we didn't actually go OUT to do much since it was so, so HOT...but the heat didn't stop us from still having fun! We spent a lot of time just visiting, talking, eating, playing with the boys, and we even had a late night game night. Grampa taught us a new card game called Casino. They even babysat the kiddos so Mario and I could go out for dinner for our 5 year anniversary! Get ready for picture overload...we had such a fun time!!!

Grampa and Grama offered to take Anthony to McDonalds for lunch on Friday--a BIG treat! This gave me some WONDERFUL peace and quiet at home with just Lucas. Here Anthony is getting ready to take a ride in "Grampa's car". He might have had just as much fun on the ride over as he did at the actual restaurant! He STILL talks about "Grampa's car"!!!

Grama with Anthony at McDonalds...for lunch, he ate french fries, chocolate milk, and dessert! That's what you do when you're with great grandparents, right?!? :)

all smiles

playing on the playground

"what's up here?"

"Wheeeeeeeeeeeeee!" (sugar rush)

sweet Lucas having fun on his playmat

reading with my babies

finding "treasures" in the dirt

Grampa grilled out some chicken--Mario and Anthony visit with him while he withstands the heat long enough to cook the meat!

sweet boy riding his truck

Grampa demonstrates his artistic side

Grama feeds Lucas while Mario and I are on our date

roses from Maro--such a thoughtful husband!
Even though we went out to dinner, Mario and I forgot to bring the camera! Oh well! We went to get burgers at Twisted Root--a really cool burger joint, and then we went to browse in Target. Sounds romantic, doesn't it?!? ;) It was just a fly-by-the-seat-of-your-pants kind of night! We had so much fun being together minus the boys...it had been too long since we'd had a date night, and we were just thankful to have some uninterrupted conversation! Haha!

Grama loving on Lucas

Grampa loving on Lucas

Lucas chilling with his great-grandparents on the sofa

thought this picture was funny--they kind of have the same expression!

we all love Grampa's laugh--it can fill the whole house!

isn't Grama beautiful?

Saturday morning, Mario, Anthony, and Grampa went to the McKinney Farmer's Market to get some fresh produce

Sunday after church, we grabbed brunch at Breadwinner's before Grampa and Grama had to leave

Anthony devoured everyone's fruit. He loves oranges--even the rind sometimes! ;)

Our only group shot--minus Lucas--he is in his carseat over by the waiter taking the picture.

We love you, Grampa and Grama! Come again to visit us anytime!!!